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Default Re: When did Lebron elevate a team of unestablished/young players to a championship?

Originally Posted by 3ball
MJ's 1st round losses happened in his first few seasons, when nearly all lottery picks like Lebron, Durant, and Kyrie REMAIN lottery by missing the playoffs

Also, you've said previously that the 80's Celtics = Spurs or Warriors

So lebron's Finals sweeps and blowouts prove that if he faced that caliber in the first round i.e. 80's Celtics, he would've lost in the first round instead of the Finals; he simply didn't have to face that caliber until the Finals, while MJ faced it in the 1st Round
You never seem to think any of these topics through bro. Mj led the bulls to lotto picks Lebron didn't as a matter of fact here's the picks each had after being drafted:

11th pick in 85
9th pick in 86
8th AND 10th pick in 87
11th pick in 88
6th pick in 89

LBJ: 10th pick in 04 and never another pick in approaching top 10.

So basically your argument is mortally wounded on 2 fronts here. Mj not only couldn't elevate his teams higher than Lebron did in 07 but he also had much better draft talent added to his team.

Lastly just for shits and giggles if lebron were to have Mjs draft position in place of his own he'd have these guys available for the cavs to draft:

1 of :biedrens, telfair, humphires, al jefferson, jr smith, josh smith....or perhaps they take luke Jackson like they did that year with the 10th pick
1 of: bynum, granger
2 of: rudy gay and jj Reddick, sefolosha
1 of: thad young, nick young, belinelli
1 of: gallinari, eric gordon
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