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Default Re: Richard Jefferson opts out

Originally Posted by icemanfan
Mid-Level Exception

A team is allowed to sign one player to a contract equal to the average NBA salary, even if the team is over the salary cap already, or if the signing would put them over the cap. This is known as the Mid-level exception (MLE). The MLE may be used on an individual free agent or split among multiple free agents, and is available to any team that exceeds the salary cap at the beginning of the offseason. The Mid-Level Exception for the 2008-09 NBA season was $5.585 million.[2] The MLE is $5.854 million for the 2009-10 NBA regular season.[3]

Do not loose MLE when you go under the cap.

It doesn't say anything like that. You might be right but it does not say that. I actually think you MIGHT be wrong, i think the MLE (the ability to have one) comes into play right now when FA starts. It is all in the timing.

The question is when is the MLE given out. If it's yesterday or before, then you got lucky. If its as of midnight when FA starts, you didnt.
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