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Default Re: why do the Lakers look uninterested ???

Originally Posted by bladefd
I don't know why we didn't add a single specialist shooter last summer.. Bullock trade was a little too late. It was a failed experiment to not have a single shooting specialist, and I hope it is different next season.

If Bullock is cheap, I'm bringing him back for off the bench. We can use 1 more shooter like Korver or Redick if we can get them for fairly cheap ($5mill/yr for Korver or $10mill/yr for Redick).

I am not going to lie, I really thought Hart, KCP and even Kuzma were good enough shooters based on their good % last year. Who would have thought ALL will struggle this year. One or 2 might have been ok but All three
Lebron's past teams esp the Cavs were always top 5 in ORTG (top 3 with Kyrie) because they shot well from the 3pt area the problem is you have to give up something esp for cheap shooters like Korver who is a liability on defense, but yes, a guy like Wayne Ellington(career 37% from 3pt) would have been more helpful instead of Michael Beasley.
The freaking former Laker Brook Lopez is actually shooting better than all current Lakers except for Rondo. Same with D'Angelo Russell.
Moving forward, I like Bullock too, maybe even Seth Curry who has a career 44% from the 3pt area for his entire career (176 games)
I also noticed they lack the workhorse Center/PF. Every good team has one,
GSW has Green, Houston has Capela, Cleveland had Tristan Thompson etc, I was hoping they would get Montrezz Harrell(PER of 23.3 for just 1.47 Mil) but nah, they want Lance and Beasley instead.
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