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Default Re: Guy on my team starts screaming/yelling at me after we lose a pick up game at gym

Originally Posted by C_lake2802
You did right. You accepted the apology even though i know you didn't want to. Were men and no need to hold grudges, he wasn't right for yelling and being emotional at all and I would 100% check that at the door next time it happens, because it is just a pickup game . But that's how you know whose a good player, people who can only do for themselves get mad when other people cant do what they do, and fail to recognize there own faults in the process

Good players recognize someones weaknesses and only try to make the teammates strengths stronger. People are going to play harder for you when you not tearing them down. Its ok to let some1 know they f'n up, but no need to belittle anyone.

Yea he fails to blame himself and recognize his own faults. I made mistakes in passing him the ball on the perimeter when he is only good at inside shots in the paint with his wide body and strength.

he tried to belittle me in front of everyone. What a coward. He's so much bigger than me.

Whenever guys mess up, I just give them a pat or hi five them so they know it's all good and not worry about it. I hate it when guys miss a jumper or shot and then get mad and don't get back on D.

I don't even mind criticism if I really do mess up but since his yelling wasn't even warranted, that really annoyed me lol.

It's like Chris Duhon screaming at Kobe or Chris Anderson screaming at LeBron.
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