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Default Re: Guy on my team starts screaming/yelling at me after we lose a pick up game at gym

Originally Posted by code green
You should have said what was on your mind at the time. "Really dude? Over a pickup game?" and walked away. Maybe sarcastically call him "tough guy" over your shoulder...he's not risking arrest by hitting you

I think at this point it would be sort of a (for lack of a better term) feminine characteristic to just start ignoring him after you supposedly patched things up. If he doesn't do it again, his apology might have been sincere. If he does, just laugh at him and walk away. Everyone else has your back.

Lol yea I was going to call him "Tough Guy" actually. Since he has a bad temper and can be volatile, I would not put it pass him to try to get violent on me. You never know with these guys.

Could be roid rage or a bad temper. The thing is, he is a very nice guy off the court.

Well I won't talk to him much if at all. There's no need to. I don't like apologies sincere or insincere. It doesn't do anything for me and it just makes him feel better and not me. I have thick skin, I don't care what an idiot has to say.

If I respected him and he was a good player, I would understand perhaps but I am the one that should be yelling at his ass haha.
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