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Default Re: Official trade rumors thread

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Reported by the one and only, ISH.

You are a laker FO employee. Do you see anyone from the mavericks that can make this team better? Who would you trade for? Who would you offer in return?


I've long been an admirer of the Matrix.
He's a little long of tooth now but is still a superb defender, who can guard multiple positions. Don't think we have the assets to acquire him.

I'd call Washington about Ariza. I believe they would move him for simple cap relief (he is due 7.8 next season, which they'd love to get out from under). Duhon is a piece that could help, as he has a million dollar buyout next season (so is like an expiring). Don't know if they'd take Blake (4 mil next season), along with 3 mil cash to help pay his salary, but Blake plus cash along with Duhon would work. Would leave us thin at PG, but address our biggest need, perimeter D.

In the Gasol thread, I suggested getting an expiring from Atlanta, like Morrow, and packaging him with Duhon to the Wiz for Ariza. That way, the Wiz would be completely out from Ariza's deal at years end, and if the Hawks moved Josh Smith, they'd have no problem including Morrow, who sees little PT for them.

4 team deal:

ATL moves JSmith and Morrow, receives Pek, DWilliams, Blake
Minny moves Pek, DWill, Barea, receives Gasol
Washington moves Ariza, gets Morrow and Duhon (expirings)
Lakers move Pau, Blake, Duhon, get JSmith, Barea, Ariza

I'd sign Kenyon Martin, especially with Hill out. I have a feeling his low post D will help come playoff time (if we even get there) with the likes of Blake Griffen, Ibaka, ZBo, Bron etc.

Problems solved. Now just fire D'Antoni and offer Phil a stake in ownership to come back (now that he is family).

New Dynasty.
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