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Default Re: people who get abortions don't realize how much free money there is attached to kids

Originally Posted by Cleverness
OP is correct; there is a lot of free money for having kids, but it is limited to only poor people.

In the US, the gov't takes money from taxpayers to fund welfare programs.

These programs provide the incentives you speak of.

However, most of these incentives only provide the benefits for the poor.

The poor are incentivized to stay poor; otherwise they will no longer receive welfare.

duh.. i'm talking about people who get abortions because they think they're not ready

they get overwhelmed thinking they won't be able to take care of a kid cause they don't have a good enough job or can't get ahead... but if they're in school they'll get all those benefits so they can afford a sitter while they're in class and even be able to move out of mom and dads house quite easly

its actually retarded to get an abortion. then you get nothing, your kids dead AND you're still looked at as a huge slut
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