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Default Re: KD and Nick Collison...

I will respectfully disagree.

Fans have to do their part. they must buy the tickets, the merchandise, hike up ratings...and paying taxes for a stadium. (Houston, Orlando, San antonio and paid for their own stadium...why shouldn't Seattle?).

They voted 70% for I 91. Over 70% for funding stadiums only if it got economical return.

Nickels and the leaders of the city and state to blame too but Sonics fans should also look in the mirror because Initiative 91 was "bad policy" as Brian Robinson said in Sonicsgate and they voted for it.

Seattle fans want a team but don't want to pay for it. I am probably in the minority in this that Seattle should've chipped in for a new stadium. I think the NBA model is messed up and moving teams is a total dis-service to fans across the nation.

I am laughing bc back in the 90s casual fans were raving how awesome the Sonics were...Now the same fans I knew are now fiscal moralists who condemn public funding. They want their cake and eat it 2.

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