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Default Re: The hypocrisy of hockey

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
it doesnt go both ways ....

you cannot be blind enough to post on a basketball board and not be aware that a portion of society label NBA players as "thugs" for their on court behavior (mostly because of the fighting and the clothes they wear)

Hockey fans call some hockey players goons.. But they don't have the vitriol that they have for an NBA player (or nfl player) who would fight during a game...

Again, look at Sherman.. He is a "thug" and a "scumbag" (and other things) simply because of his rant on sunday.. God forbid if he had actually gotten into a fight..

People would be looking for charges to be brought against him...

you cant act like the idea of fighting in hockey and the idea of fighting of in the NBA are the same... They are obviously 2 totally different entities...

I know there is a move within the NHL to get rid of fighting.... but most "goons" in hockey don't even have any talent

There are no players in other sports who occupy so much space simply for their "goonery"

If I based my world perspective off what gets said on this board or by sports writers then that would be stupid. Lol.

Are Doc Rivers and KJ looked at as thugs to the general public? What about Barkley and Shaq? Not every player who fights in the nba is considered a thug. Bottom line. In fact when was the last time fights broke out in the NBA and people started playing the thug card?

If we are basing our perspectives off of message board trolls, and dipshit sports writers paid to ruffle feathers, then you can find ignorant comments on about almost anything.
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