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Default Re: The hypocrisy of hockey

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
no.. its more of an amalgamation of people I know and media and websites like this one right here

another thing I have learned (especially regarding the NBA) is that perceptions change with time...

I can remember when Scottie Pippen was hated because he refused to go into a play that was designed for toni Kuoc.. People swore he would never live it down, but he did..

Kobe? rape charges? he lived those down.. So Im saying that opinions change and I am mostly speaking of visceral reactions than long lasting opinions of players

people love shaq and Barkley now.. they are hall of famers... But barkley was pariah at times in his career (he deserved some of it, but he lived it down)

Im just saying that society is pretty quick to make a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to fighting in some sports, but not others

Hockey is essentially less popular, with less media coverage than basketball, football, and baseball. Hockey has a long history of fights which are legal within the rules of the sport so people are desensitized, and even then there are people who still disapprove of it. Baseball allows dugout clearing brawls to keep taking place for some reason, so Hockey isn't the only sport with their own weird code when it comes to fighting. People can be ignorant, yes. Also double standards can exist especially when comparing apples to oranges, so suck it up put on your big boy pants and get used to it.
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