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Default Re: Who's the greatest Laker, Magic or Kobe?

Originally Posted by lakerspng
a lot of Magic's impact in the NBA though is because Magic came into a dead league and he and Bird brought it back to life. NBA was in much better shape when Kobe came into it. But with anything, timing plays a large part. Both guys have done so much for the organization it's amazing. As much as Magic carried the Lakers brand domestically, Kobe has done internationally. Hopefully we have a player in the future who can carry the team the way they did.. I'm just not convinced it's Howard just yet.

That is an unfair comparison due to the difference in technology. Back in Magic's day, one looked forward to one or a couple games on the weekend. Now, with games on network TV, cable, satellite, League Pass (all games everyday) and the explosion of the internet, it is natural that there is more international/global exposure.

If Magic were playing today, with his personality, he'd be bigger than Kobe. Man's got presence, charisma and a smile that lit up the screen (unlike the anti-social personality that Kobe gives off). And talk about impact, that Finals game that he played center when Kareem went down was just spectacular (and as a rookie too). Kobe's never had particularly great performances in the Finals.
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