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Default Re: The Bulls will regret their decision if they draft Rose over Beasley

This all seems to be about height, which is an issue, more important than some say, less than others say.

Fact, Beasly is smaller than we thought.
It didn't bother his game much in College.
It isn't foolish to ask if that will translate to the bigger NBA game.

So that is the question.
Defensively he isn't going to take Duncan, Garnet, or any other oversized PF by himself. Offensively he should be able to still get what he wants.

We all want the prototypical franchise big man who plays both ends (Hakeem, DRob, Duncan, Garnet, Howard, etc...). Beasley probably isn't that player because of his height. However, just because he won't be IMO, doesn't mean he isn't a smart pick. If I make that choice for Chicago, I take Beasly.
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