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Default Re: Do you think the Beijing Olympics will be Rigged?

Originally Posted by simasu01
Never heard of Ryan Leif. What I do know is Kobe has so many reasons to be hated, he is a prick, to quote la bomba. Obviously there are the Olympics, the World Championship, and ANOTHER World Championship??? That would the NBA, or National Basketball Association. Meaning of the American nation, plus Toronto. England had the first league of football, real football. So did Manchester United crown themselves world champions after winning the league? No, not even after they won the Champions League. This is just a comparison of how low the level of appreciation for international things in the US is. Spain won the European Football championship today, but for some reason nobody crowned them as the World Champions. Why not? For the same reason that the NBA shouldn't crown any of its champions World Champions. It's just degrading their own country. KG was yelling TOP OF THE WORLD!!! No buddy, there still are the Olympics and the World Championship, and if he was European, the Euro Championships, which is probably the hardest thing to win for a basketball player.
I'll come out of retirement to say .Amen to that.
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