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Default Re: 2011 Finals Discussion Thread

even though we had lost the NBA finals in 2006.... I had regrets that I didn't attend any games that series. You can live your entire life and not have the opportunity to witness a championship game that involves your home team, regardless if they win or lose. When the Mavs returned in 2011... I made it a point to attend... Great Times.

I am not a Mavericks fan, but I must say, this gives me chills. From the synched walk-in of the cheerleaders to the swaying rhythm of the chain wearing mask dudes, to the walk-to-the-beat strut of J Kidd, to the announcer being so rhythmic, to his simply saying "From DOMINGUEZ" for Tyson Chandler, not bothering to alliterate with "High School", to the sick beats of Eminence Front. I lived through the the Jordan-led BULLS' dynasty, and this is better than when the Madhouse on Madison was rocking to Alan Parsons Project's EyeInTheSky!
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