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Default Re: 4-team trade sends Collison and Posey to Indiana! Troy Murphy gone

Originally Posted by Miller Time
Next thing on agenda: Buyout TJ Ford (most likely won't be able to trade him) and trade Dunleavy's expiring contract for a raw project pf.
I don't see anything realistic worth trading Mikey for (he's a friggin 10.5 million dollar deal), let him expire and use the cap space to sign a 4 man. Foster's the only expirer I think we could get solid value for before the deadline, and that depends on him proving his back works. The rest of the guys I can't immediately see any scenarios that the incoming value's more than the cap space value.

Course I didn't think we'd turn Trey Murphy into one of the most promising young points in the NBA. GOOD JOB LARRY!
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