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Default Re: I'm quitting smoking.

Originally Posted by DukeDelonte13
I smoked for 6 years. I've tried to quit a few times before but failed. I read the book because i was curious about it and heard good things. I became a non-smoker after reading that book. I recommend it to anybody who wants to quit.

Book pretty much explains why cold turkey is the best way to quit. using patches or gum or weaning just prolongs the agony. You won't stop having cravings until all the nicotine is out of your system. It takes three weeks for your body to completely flush it out. After that point quitting is a breeze. During that first 2 weeks or so I was a real ashole though.
I post that shit every time someone talks about smoking here because it actually works. Smoking is one of the dumbest things someone can do, a stupid habit that many of us fall into
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