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Default Re: Players Owned League

Originally Posted by thejumpa
It would be interesting to see who REALLY has the most leverage. Owners have the money, but players have the talent and already established appeal to fans. I think the players could get some sort of "league" up before the owners could.
I disagree. How would they finance this "league"?

The best they could probably do is set up something like the games they've been playing except make somewhat consistent rosters, keep record of who wins and pocket the money instead of donating it (which wouldn't sit well with the fans). That seems like a possibility that could be looked at after Christmas (if those games are lost). But it wouldn't be nearly the same without all the advertisements, arenas, tv deals and stuff all being low rate.

The only way something could actually be somewhat respectful and successful is if a guy like Magic Johnson (just an example and it could be multiple ppl) comes in and invests a lot of money into it. But then it becomes just like the NBA, the players working for somebody else. And I don't think anybody would invest much in a business like that. Maybe Nike could set something up but even that would probably be nothing more than exhibition games.
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