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Default Re: Cleveland Cavaliers guard Delonte West arrested on weapons charges

Originally Posted by AmoebaD
delonte west needs to be in washington. he needs to be near his family in the home he grew up in. he needs to be close to his high school friends and cohorts. he needs a safe place.

maybe they can outpatient him at johns hopkins, he can get some electro shock therapy and be at the verizon center by noon for team practice followed by individual workouts during the season. georgetown is like 5 minutes from the verizon center, they have some of the best neurological and mental health specialists in the country.

face it cavs fans, he is damaged goods. you might as well wash your hands of him and go all in with boobie. cut your losses. might as well send delonte to washington where he can be nurtured and cared for. maybe one day he will be able to recuperate and be a viable member of society.

we welcome west with open arms in washington. west for a second round pick sounds about right. it is the best scenario for all parties involved.

West for Dominic McGuire.

That's a fair trade.

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