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    Default Potential Owners To Bring Back Sonics

    Mike Ilitch who is owner of the Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers, and the Little Caesars Pizza could be the key to bringing the Sonics back. He almost bought the Pistons this year. I have his email address (contactus@ilitchholdings.c​om)

    I think that all Sonic Fans should send him an email and convince him to bring the Sonics back by either doing renovations on Key Arena or building a new arena.

    My second suggestion is writing a letter to David Stern and convincing him to let Steve Ballmer become the owner of the Sonics. Ballmer does a lot in the Seattle community and he sponsors a lot of charity basketball games. Ballmer has made it known he wants to be an owner. I just don't understand Stern. I'am going to be so glad when Stern retires as the comissioner.

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    Default Re: Potential Owners To Bring Back Sonics

    Thanks. I remember reading something about Ballmer last year and his interest in the Sonics. Something about the Hornets and their situation. As a lkongtime Sonics fan, this would be huge, if the NBA is able to get the Sonics back in Seattle. I never heard of the Illitch connection though, interesting. 4 years....

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    Default Re: Potential Owners To Bring Back Sonics

    Why couldn't Bill Gates buy the Sonics?

    Dude could probably afford the renovations with the change under his sofa pillows.

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