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    Default Your thoughts on the season debut vs. Pacers, 10/18/17?

    3rd quarter just ended. I've caught most of the game so far. (I'm streaming the Pacers broadcast)

    - Kind of disappointed seeing a little too much sloppiness and poor decision-making here and there. That's led to a combination of turnovers and foolish shots.

    - Not sure how how well Mozgov is going to fit in, going forward. He's looked a little dinosaur-ish most of the time.

    - Speaking of that, Afro hasn't played so far. Why not?

    - Crabbe has looked pretty dangerous so far. I feel slightly better about the huge gamble Marks made on him.

    - Even when Lin's shot is off, he's still such a crucial part of this team. What a cool thing to have both him and D-Lo available as combo guards.

    - This is my first real look at D-Lo. Definitely a play-maker. A few mistakes here and there, but overall I'm liking it.

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    Default Re: Your thoughts on the season debut vs. Pacers, 10/18/17?

    Game over.

    - Pretty good effort staying in the game despite some major leads by Indy.

    - DLo really DOES have some ice-water in his veins. His relative lack of NBA athleticism for a PG might actually work in his favor, similar to a Chris Paul. In other words, he seems to realise he's never going to be a Westbrook / Iverson / etc, and therefore has become a better passer / shooter / tricky scorer.

    - As much as I praised Lin just above, he still plays out-of-control at times (a little too much hero-ball), for example on the drive that got him injured. Just a sprained ankle, hopefully?

    - The Nets are basically trying to be a 3/D/Passing team, but it obviously has some ways to go. Beating on the hapless Knicks in preseason is all well and good, but we're obviously way behind where we need to be as a "3DP" team.

    - Every single player on this team should be able to shoot close to 33% or better on threes. Besides the two obvious under-performers, Mozgov and Booker, some players still look kind of uncomfortable with that. I would think that has to change for this style to work. Of course, that's no doubt relative to talent. :S

    - Defense obviously sucked arse, and we can't even blame that on a speedy scoring guard that our guys were unable to contain. That seems like a pretty alarming sign, at least for this one sample.

    - I like the fact that, near the end of the game, our depth and pace was starting to exhaust them. This will surely play dividends, going forward.

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    Default Re: Your thoughts on the season debut vs. Pacers, 10/18/17?

    Man do we wish it was just an ankle sprain. I was really excited for Russell to play next to Lin. Such a shame. It really would have mad Russell’s life so much easier. They need Allen for his defense. Turner was eating Booker alive.

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    Default Re: Your thoughts on the season debut vs. Pacers, 10/18/17?

    This team needs to improve there defense

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