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    Default Re: Simmons for Kawhi straight up

    Quote Originally Posted by LAVAR BALL
    The Owners give a **** !! You believe they invested in a franchise for "love of the sport"? When will people understand NBA is a f*cking business. Only the new TV deal allow 2 third of the NBA franchises to not bleed money. But no team can afford to pay 1 billion in luxury tax, no matter the result on the court.

    If that was so easy, James Harden would have never been traded and OKC would have 3 Championships by now

    Sixers have a ton of cap space and young assets. They can build a superteam this summer without the tax.

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    Default Re: Simmons for Kawhi straight up

    If Philly is in lebrons plans come summertime, he'll be demanding this to be done before joining

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