What does everyone think about moving Drummond? I think Blake can't be traded and he was our other big asset. I don't see Drummond getting a big offer from the Pistons to stay. While he has been my favorite player of ours over this stretch of Detroit being a horrible team, it makes sense with Griffin likely out for the season to move Drummond for a hopefully fairly high 1st round pick. Then we end up with what hopefully wouldn't be another 7 or 8 pick but something higher this time. We really need a legit PG. I actually like what Rose has done. He is just so limited in his minutes. If he could play 30+ per game then he would likely be an all-star and this team would be in decent shape if it wasn't for the Griffin injury. Without that though this team is going nowhere. Get a solid PG hopefully to pair with Kennard in the back court. Kennard has shown signs of growth. Doumboya has looked like he has promise in the little bit he has played. We can draft a PG and another big and have a decent young core to build around. At least they would be in the direction of building the correct way this time. As much as I hate to say it we need to let Drummond go somewhere he can win so the Pistons can build to win.