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    Default Bulls statement as their season ends

    Chicago Bulls issued a statement on the NBA's return to play plan:

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    Default Re: Bulls statement as their season ends

    Slow time-just wondering what were your best ideas around the draft, and which were bad.

    For me, the best were
    1-I REALLY wanted to take JHoliday over JJohnson. When Holiday slipped (I had seen him mocked as high as #4) I was really excited. Then he was taken 1 pick later! He could have been an incredible fit with Chic

    2-From the past, I REALLY wanted Finley and SKemp. My buddy had done some tv pieces on Kemp in HS, and I thought he looked like a stud. He was picked 1 pick before us, but we had 2 late picks like, and could have easily moved up. That was the SKing and BJ draft. Of course BJ turned out very well, but Kemp would have been awesome
    Finley was a no brainer.

    My worst calls were
    1-I love the TT for LMA deal, strictly based on highlights. I thought Thomas was exactly what we needed.

    2-I actually approved of the Dougie trade, and thought he would have been a nice piece, and that he was NBA ready

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