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    Default "LBJ's defensive range is incomparable." -Steve Kerr

    "If I had to pick 1 player to play a game 7 on the road I'd take LeBron 1st, KD 2nd." - Steve Kerr

    "It's Michael Jordan and it's LeBron James, and I put those two guys at the top of the heap." - Steve Kerr

    "LeBron guarded David West in 4th Qs of the Indy series and will now guard Tony Parker at times in the Finals. No one else on earth can do that!" -Steve Kerr

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    Default Re: "LBJ's defensive range is incomparable." -Steve Kerr

    Conservatives in shambles

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    Default Re: "LBJ's defensive range is incomparable." -Steve Kerr

    Quote Originally Posted by Table View Post
    LeBron cheats on his wife. Michael Jordan wins, he got rid of his.

    Of Muhammad's 11 wives, he preferred raping the 9 year old then most

    Muslim youth in Europe have the worst reputation, they're like the black americans of Europe, crimes and shit... However! It's rare that they kill each other or have babies out of wedlock, thanks to islam/religion. Europe would've been in much worse shape i believe. You have Africans but it's mostly arabs who dominate and open businesses. Something i noticed seeing all the chaos in black american communities.

    You're right about Muhammad, but just throwing that out there.

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