So I think this every year, and only say it to my personally, but I think it's total horseshit that one bid conference champs have to play in these play in games. And they can call it the first round all they want, but that's crap, if it's the first round, then a 16 seed has won a bunch of first round games, just so happens it was against other 16 seeds.

If you win your conference, you deserve a seat in the real big dance. There's no chance of winning the vast majority of these games, but for kids who play at these schools, winning your conference and getting the chance to say you were on the court with a so and so NBA guy, or whoever hall of fame coach, is the whole point, and to lose out on that because you get knocked out by another team in the same boat sucks. Only at large teams should be eligible for those games. I don't care if they're going to advance to be favorites. It should be whatever the last eight at large selections are who have to play in, and seed them however you want. But stop making these one bid conferences play what really amounts to a second lousy conference championship game.