I dunno if anyone still reads this forum, but I could use some advice - I am in a 12 team keeper league that has been running for many years, I currently have both embiid and jokic on my roster but next season I can only keep one of them (unless I trade for an extra 1st round pick).

I was just offered a trade of jokic for bam adebayo + a 2023 first rounder. While this trade would hurt my team now, it would solve my keeper problem and put me in a very strong position for next season. I won the league last year, and I am probably the favorite again this year (in addition to Jokic + Embiid, I also have Shai, Lamelo and some very solid support players like Kevin Porter And Markanen)... should I go all in on another championship and keep my team together (which will force me to drop one of my top assets next season) or should I downgrade Jokic to Bam and put myself in position to draft an absurd team next season?