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Thread: 2023 NFL Draft

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    Quote Originally Posted by warriorfan View Post
    Yes. There’s more then one way to skin a cat. That secondary was beyond loaded. They dominated everyone pretty much. The only guy who used to consistently get the best of them it seemed was Julio Jones. And Julio in his prime was as much of an unguardable freak as there ever was so there’s not much shame in that.

    How I see defense in my opinion is three levels. 1st level D line, second level Linebackers, third level corners and safeties.

    1st level initiates the play, they are then supported by the 2nd level linebackers, which in turn are supported by the 3rd level corners and safeties.

    I would say generally speaking I would prioritize personnel strength in the same way, first to d line, second to linebackers, third to corners and safeties .

    I’m not saying secondary isn’t important. I think ideally you have a good balance between all three while having at least one all star standout in each level playing a “center fielder” type role where they lead and help direct their cores.
    dont disagree with a single word of this

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