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    Default PS5 Memory Expansion, & Dual Sense Edge.

    I did it over the weekend. Has anyone else done it? I found it surprisingly simple, even though I knew it was simple, it was more simple than that. Other than a bit of anxiousness removing the plates. But once you've done that once, it's pretty simple.

    I also replaced the white panels with a third party set of black panels that are a little smaller, and have a fan vent in the top, and added a stick on screen filter over the fins.

    I bought that Dual Sense Edge controller as well. I have no real use for it. But it's definitely well built. And I've found some interesting control mechanisms I could see using ... for example I've liked moving the sprint button in RE to one of the back paddle triggers, and it has switches to shorten the pull on the top triggers, which I know is for shooters, but I've liked the middle setting for RE. Probably not worth 200 bucks for what I do, but it's interesting.

    Anyone use this thing for it's intended purpose?

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    Default Re: PS5 Memory Expansion, & Dual Sense Edge.

    I added a 2 TB WD Black drive that I bought during Black Friday sales. I too was anxious taking off the plates, even after watching a few Youtube videos. I also had to make sure I was sliding the drive into the right location as I did not want to jam it up and ruin something. All in all it was easy as you described. I had invested in 3 additional regular controllers. So the Dual Sense Edge is not a priority at the moment.

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