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Loco 50
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Default Re: U.S. drone strike kills 30 pine nut farm workers in Afghanistan

Originally Posted by Patrick Chewing
Let's hear your solutions to preventing these mistakes.
Dearest Patricio, 9/11 was accomplished by dudes with box cutters and access to pc flight simulators. You can't stop or prevent bad people from doing bad things and you can't live your life being afraid of everything and everybody that isn't known to you.

What we are currently doing is being proactive so that people like you feel like we are accomplishing something. The only thing that actually succeeds in doing is pissing off a whole crop of new people by encroaching on the lives and land of folks that otherwise probably wouldn't give two shits about our existence....

That is until we bomb the shit outta their kinfolk because there might have been terrorists in the area.

For some odd reason that riles a bunch of people up.
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Default Re: U.S. drone strike kills 30 pine nut farm workers in Afghanistan

Originally Posted by Loco 50
Dearest Patricio.
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Default Re: U.S. drone strike kills 30 pine nut farm workers in Afghanistan

Originally Posted by MaxFly
I think, as displayed in this thread, people go out of their way to provide justifications for these sorts of incidents. You'd think that they would conduct a real assessment of the toll of these sorts of attacks, and it would take a toll on their conscience. I'm sure some are bothered, but I'm also sure that many quickly move on because it doesn't touch their personal lives and there is little . accountability
I agree with this. And Chewing is a ****ing dumb ****. Why do you dudes even go back and forth with him? Just serious, ask yourself. Unless it somehow entertains, why even expend the mental energy to respond to him.

Anyway, this is human nature. People care but they only care in the moment that they hear the news. After a few minutes, they go back to their own lives and don't even think about this shit. Hell, it happens over HERE. Mass shootings every ****ing month, people outraged, shit don't happen.

People don't care unless something happens to someone close to them. If you had someone close to you die in 911, or by some punk ass who got fired and decided to go on a shooting rampage? Folks deal with shit EVERY DAY.
Can't pay all their bills, can't get out of debt, don't enjoy their job, lights get cut off, folks on food stamps and on and on. These folks don't go on shooting rampages.

I just think humans are ****ing spoiled and unappreciative of life in general. Humans, animals, whatever, folks just don't really give a ****. Imagine if you knew in advance today was your last day on Earth. What would you do? What if you knew you had a week? How would talk to people, how would you treat people? Hell, you might listen to your worst enemy, whatever they had to say and you'd be happy to hear it because it would be the last words you would ever here. I think people would just care more about shit and actually do what you can to change the situation, especially if you have the means.

I feel like you're we're put here two reasons. To enjoy life and to help others when you can.

People just don't really care that much. I think care more about being "right" about some shit than the shit they're actually debating about.
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