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Default What's wrong with this picture?

Obviously something's wrong. It doesn't feel right. Our record is good but I feel as though we're not an excellent team.

Here's a few reasons I can think of:

- Porter is trying to change it up way too much. He's messed with the offense too much. Amare's getting so few touches that he's relegated to being a role player for a few quarters. Our offense wasn't the big problem last season, our defense was. I mean, our offense wasn't perfect - I still had some complaints about it last playoffs (namely going to Diaw in the clutch), but it was far better than it is now.

The biggest change we've seen this season is on the offensive end. It wasn't broken, and it didn't need to be 'fixed'. Remember how good our offense was after the Shaq trade last season? It's borderline ridiculous now. Remember what happened when Nash was allowed to freewheel in the Seattle game? A comeback win from a double digit 4th quarter deficit. That's when we're at our best.

- We keep trying to force feed Shaq with crappy spacing - that leads to turnovers. It's not bad luck that's causing these turnovers. It's a poorly thought out offensive strategy - forcing run and gun players to dump it into the low post. We have a 36 year old dude as our go to guy.

Our players are best when they have some freedom and a chance to get into rhythm - taking good shots without hesitating. Right now they're being forced to worry about the coach who's watching them and telling them to slow down and dump it inside at all costs. What is the cost you ask? Giving up 16 turnovers per game, good for second worst in the league.

- Amare's been running his mouth a bit lately, but there's substance behind it. I don't think I've ever seen a player come off a season like Amare's only to be treated almost like a role player the next season. How many times have we seen Amare open and waving for the ball, only for the team to ignore him and brick a perimeter shot? Way too many. He has a huge offensive advantage when going one on one in the high post with adequate spacing. Yet we're not even trying to take advantage of it.

It's easy to blame the coach. But he's not the one causing every single problem. Our players still need to step up and make better decisions. It's still early in the season. But we are approaching the 20 game mark.

And at this rate, we're in for some disappointment. I know that's not what we want to hear, but I think it's evident after watching all these games.

Perhaps more importantly - we're on track to lose our best player in 2010.
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Default Re: What's wrong with this picture?

imo the suns have the most versatile roster in the league offensively but porter is not making full use of it.
yes shaq is great, but currently amare is being underused. when shaq is off the court, suns should have nash barbosa hill and gang back into a running game.
though im happy that our bench have been productive. barbosa hill and diaw have been excellent off the bench

and you are right, i think porter should allow more freedom on the court. i believe that will do us more good than harm

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Default Re: What's wrong with this picture?

Another thing - this is actually the opposite of what this topic is about - but it's really annoying when people keep saying 'but they haven't beaten any top teams'. One of the ESPN commentators kept smugly bringing it up, and a few ISH posters seem to love the phrase. I just had a look into it. Here are what are considered to be the good playoff teams in the West, and which playoff teams they have beaten:

LA is ahead of the pack as they have beaten Portland, Denver twice, New Orleans, Phoenix and Houston

Phoenix: San Antonio before Parker's injury, Detroit, Portland twice - 4

San Antonio: Houston, Utah, but missing Manu and, for a while, Parker - 2

New Orleans: Phoenix, Cleveland, Portland, Denver - 4

Utah: Denver, Portland, Phoenix (without Nash) - 3 - but these guys were missing D-Will

Houston: Phoenix, New Orleans, Orlando - 3

Nuggets: Boston, San Antonio - 2

Those are the facts. We've beaten roughly the same amount of playoff teams as the others.

So why the hell can people say "but they haven't beaten anyone good" about the Suns, when the other teams haven't beaten more playoff teams than us anyway? Not a smart thing to say.
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Default Re: What's wrong with this picture?

Originally Posted by 3stat2
Obviously something's wrong. It doesn't feel right. Our record is good but I feel as though we're not an excellent team. Perhaps more importantly - we're on track to lose our best player in 2010.
very good post, i agree much with what you have outlined. my 2 cents is the Suns have a power struggle going on. this team was built to play one way and one way only D'Antoni ball. and now Porter is trying to make the D'Antoni guys play his style, so there is a power struggle. you see it with Nash, Bell, and Amare, they want to run and gun, Porter knows that style is non effective in the playoffs and will only lead to the same result we been having over the last few years. the style Porter wants played is battle tested and proven to win games, and playoff series, yet nobody is buying into it? like i said this is not Porters team, this is D'Antonis team...

at this point the Suns management needs to make a decision, do we keep on this path and HOPE they come around and stop living in the past and the shadow of D'Antoni ball and buy into this new style Porter is trying to get them to do? or do they REALIZE this is not Porters team and trade some of the pieces to get some Porter guys in here? the fact is, this set of cats is not going to get the job done, they are not buying into Porters style they are too focused on the style of the past, you hear it in every interview "WE NEED TO RUN" and then "WE ARE BUILT TO RUN" them are D'Antoni guys talking not Porter guys talking. Shaq, Lopez, Amundson, them are Porter guys, Amare, Nash, Bell, Diaw, Barbosa, them are D'Antoni guys.

the fact is the Suns need to either SCRAP Porter as coach, or SCRAP Nash, Bell, and Amare who are not ever going to be able to flurish in this system Porter is trying to get them to play. they always say no one player is bigger then the team, so what does that mean to us? you ride with Porter as your coach and you trade some of the cats you got to get guys in here that will play his style, the power struggle is RIDICULOUS at this point, Nash, Amare, and Bell all look very ineffective and very much like "role" players, and if the management dont act soon, you can kiss Nash, and Amare goodbye when their contracts are up there is no way the will resign with Phoenix.

i honestly think this is the COUNTDOWN to the lottery for us hahah, and i hate to say it and it hurts to think about but c'mon, be serious and honest with yourself, read and listen to Nash and Amare's words! they are not happy and i am sure if givin the chance will bounce, the question is does the Suns brass let them walk? or do we trade them for something in return? or drop Porter and try out a new coach? Porter is a bad fit for this group of players, they are just not his kinda guys.

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Default Re: What's wrong with this picture?

"they always say no one player is bigger then the team, so what does that mean to us?"

It means that any offense where the first option is pounding the ball in to an on-again-off-again, has-been center who is expected to be on a bench vacation for 1/4 of the regular season is going to fail because it decimates the basic concept of the word "team."

The short-lived Shaq-Amare honeymoon appears to be over. Any minute now the doors will blow off the locker room. Should be fun!
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Default Re: What's wrong with this picture?

I dont like Porter. Amare needs to be more of the go-to guy, which Porter doesnt seem to want to happen, which bugs me
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