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Tor Johnson.
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Default Nets Preview: Charley Rosen pisses me off twice in one week.

i've said it before- i'm a charley rosen fan. i feel he's unique in his field and gives me good basketball stuff i get from nobody else. but he's pissed me off twice this week with seemingly senseless writing about the nets:
Jason Kidd has slowed noticeably since his knee surgery but remains a ferocious competitor. Because of his savvy and unselfishness, the Nets running game will remain a threat, if not the devastating weapon it once was.


With Kidd's increasingly wobbly legs, Richard Jefferson has to do most of his scoring in half-court sets, where he's plagued with a suspect jumper and a penchant for turnovers. Behind Jefferson is the cold-shooting, mishandling efforts of young Antoine Wright.


Too bad (Carter is) an erratic shooter, a reluctant (and poor) passer and, when the chips are down, a choker. Bostjan Nachbar is a career third-stringer who'll likely get more minutes than he deserves.


the Nets are still the best of the worst. However, if they don't survive the second round of the playoffs, it'll be time to back up the truck and make wholesale roster changes.
point- kidd is not as quick and explosive as he used to be, but didn't we learn from training camp that he's still the fastest guard (and player) on the team? what "wobbly legs"?? if frank overplays him then his legs aren't going to be as fresh as they could be, but since when is he no longer a deadly threat in the fast break??

point- i thought RJ's jumper was pretty good and getting better. and since when has he been "turnover prone"??

point- antoine wright and boki. isn't rosen's judgement a bit harsh for young players who are still improving and haven't been properly seen yet with extended minutes? and does this mean rosen is unaware of camp and preseason accomplishments?

point- i thought carter was quite a good passer and one of the NBA's best late-game players. am i wrong?

point- with all the new talent and positive signs we've seen so far this year (for example, the simple concept of actually having a good bench this time), how premature is it to say the whole franchise resides on being able to get to the finals this year? in other words, will kidd be old and finished after this year (with nobody to replace him) and will carter be lost and with no compensation at that? and will none of these young players turn into anything NBA-level? since when have the nets been a sinking ship desperately trying to reach atlantis?

Too bad (Krstic is) prone to committing egregious fouls and his left hand remains woefully under-developed.
this one seems to me a fair criticism, yet needlessly pessimistic. krstic has hardly reached his peak. rosen makes it sound like krstic has always had these problems and always will.

in the words of someone on the internet.... WTF?
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Default re:

don't listen to Rosen.

he has probably had a few cursory glances toward the Nets, and is jumping to ASSumptions based on what he saw (did not see).
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Old 10-24-2006, 11:07 PM   #3
Tor Johnson.
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well, with both recent rosen articles so far the easiest thing for people to do is to tell me that his opinions are worthless. what i'm really looking for is to someone to agree or rebutt his specific observations.
Originally Posted by NetsVision
injuries, players coming from out of nowhere, rookies producing better than expected or less than expected, drug arrests, coaching changes, players dieing [happens more often than you think]...ALL of those things can effect a team.

I think if the Nets stay healthy, they could be as good as anyone. I also find it interesting that of the players on the bench at the end of last year--Planinic, Vaughn, Murray, Thomas, Padgett--two are out of the league, two others are on nonguaranteed contracts and one has a vets minimum deal.
that was prolly the most interesting response of all so far.
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