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elementally morale
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Default Re: What is talent? (Vince Carter related)

Originally Posted by Eat Like A Bosh
I define talent as being blessed with a natural instinct for the game or physical gifts. Something that isn't what you work on hours and hours in the gym, you could think of this like having good genes. Just something that's naturally gifted to you.

Is a tendency to work hard a natural instinct? Does work ethic have anything to do with your genes? It may.
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Eat Like A Bosh
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Default Re: What is talent? (Vince Carter related)

Originally Posted by elementally morale
Is a tendency to work hard a natural instinct? Does work ethic have anything to do with your genes? It may.
Like people said, Talent definitely goes beyond athletic abilities or physical gifts. If you take away a player athletic ability and that player is still pretty good due to being natural at this game, then he is.

For instance, Shaq's unique size, strength and remarkable mobility for a guy that big could be considered a talent, also he stated in his book that he didn't start really playing basketball till high school, can't remember correct me if I'm wrong. It's evident that he picked up the game very quick despite not playing it for very long. For anyone with a fantastic natural instinct to the game, who learns that quick, can be considered talented. Ok, Shaq was a bad example, since his size was his major selling point, but I hope you get my point.

What you described is just being a hard worker. Having a great work ethic doesn't necessarily mean you are a natural. For example, say if I touched basketball when I was born, was playing since 3, practiced like 20 hours a week in the gym each week while in school, and still failed to make the Varsity Team in HS. Do I have a great work ethic? Heck yes. Am I talented? No not really.
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Default Re: What is talent? (Vince Carter related)

Originally Posted by stevieming
Personally I think talent is more how a person reacts to a particular sport.

Shaq was made for basketball but he would be crap at football and tennis. His height, power, strength all suit him best for basketball.

Roger Federer has amazing hand to eye coordination and footwork which makes him GOAT at tennis, but he'll probably be no good at weight lifting, doesn't have the core strength, he could weight train for his whole life and probably never win an Olympic medal.

It's about how natural a sport comes to you, how it suits your body and your physical attributes best.

I never played rugby until I was 14, made school team after one game and played at a high level. I had a great feel for the game and scoring, good pace and strength and balance. The game was easy for me, knew what to do with the ball instinctively, how to beat my man and how to defend my man but got a back injury and gave the game up at 21, lost my love for the game from the injury.

I started playing basketball at 17 and been playing it non stop for the last 17 years, I've put endless hours of training and still I am nowhere close in terms of the level I was at in rugby. I am just an above average rec ball player. Even if I rewind and started playing at 7, had all the best training, I still won't be making pro in Europe.

Vince had talent man, he had oodles of physical talent. But he never bothered to tighten his handle, he didn't work tirelessly on his J, he didn't get a post game like Kobe, he didn't bother developing his footwork more like Kobe.

Physically he had more than Kobe, but mentally he wasn't on the same level.

Sometimes I think you can put mental attributes as talent as well. Kobe's drive, determination and dedication is rare.

Just like in tennis, Rafa's tenancity and mental strength. Dude is a mental giant, when the going gets tough he grits it out. Being mentally strong is so important in tennis, you have to consider that a talent!!

Where as in football, it's 90 minutes and you can hide on the pitch. You've got the team to fall back on, but in tennis the game is only over when you beat your opponent and there's no one else apart from you. So in football, being mentally strong is not as important, apart from when you have to take a penalty in pressure situations. (Look at England - pretty much always mental p *******

/End thread.
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Default Re: What is talent? (Vince Carter related)

Talent = Natural born potential, whether physical or mental

Nothing more.

Talent means nothing unless it's utilized.
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