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Default Yahoo Waviers.

As you can tell I'm new to this forum. I just started to do Fantasy Basketball on Yahoo this season. I am the commissioner for my private league of a few friends. I don't fully understand the waviers. I have read the information at but I still don't completely understand.

For example....

I had the 1st draft pick this season. I then decided to drop S. Marbury and pick up M. James (Min). M. James was not orginally drafted by any team and was a free agent. But, I still had to wait the 2 days of waiver period. My understanding was that if a player dropped by another team that there is a waiver period but I didn't think it would apply to M. James because he was a free agent. Is M. James automatically locked up for me because I selected to "pick him up" 1st and is the waiver just pending on S. Marbury or is the waiver pending on both?

In a different example....

M buddy that drafted 3rd, decided to drop KMart and pick up A. Bynum. He submitted this during the Lakers game last night and the process took place with in a few minutes and there was no 2 day wavier period.

Was his transaction done immediately because he drafted after I did? Or, is it because A. Bynum is not a big name player that Yahoo has previously flagged as requiring a wavier? -- Am I way off here?

Any help would be appreciated.

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when exactly did you draft? a manager being able to pick a player up while the rest of free agency is still on waivers doesn't sound right.

but to answer your question about Mike James being automatically locked up for you because you were the first person to put a waiver on him, the answer is no. you had the first pick in the draft, so unless another manager has used a waiver on someone then you have the lowest waiver priority. The last person to pick in the draft gets the highest waiver priority. If two managers, the first having a waiver priority of #3 and the second having #7, both put a waiver on Mike James the first one with the #3 priority gets him.
When that manager uses the waiver, he gets sent to the end of the waiver priority list and everyone else behind him moves up one place on it. So the manager that had #7, since a guy ahead of him used a waiver, gets bumped up to #6.
Since you picked first and because no waiver transactions have occured, you are at the end of the priority list. Any manager ahead of you can have Mike James if they just put a waiver on him.

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