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Alonzo Magic
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Default Re: How to make it to the NBA

Originally Posted by lilojmayo
I think it is a tad bit higher. From my experience on an average high school team of 14 players or so. Only about 2 of them maybe 3 of them are truely committed to the game, and put in the work. So that's about 15% percentage.

But I see the point you were trying to make. Numbers are like mehh, just put in the work and you will be fine. That goes for everything you do. Take school for example, say there is 600 students in your year. Before you enter school someone tells you, you have 1/600 chance of being Valedictorian, mathematical that is fact, that's only .0016667 of a chance, from the total population pool. You may say i'll pass on those odds. However, Valedictorian just doesn't randomly happen, just like improving at basketball just doesn't magically happen. You got to put in the work in both fields.

If you factor in the druggies, gangstas, at your school, the people who don't do their homework, people who don't study for test, people who don't care about grades, people who just want to do the minimum to pass, dropouts, etc etc you see that your 600 person population pool, turns down to maybe 70 or 80 people.

Being 70 people out is managable if your look over notes every night, actually read the books, do extra problems, practice test etc. That's if you really wanted to be Valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA average. Everyone wants to be Valedictorian, but nobody wants to put in the work into doing so. Same with basketball, everyone wants to be good, but nobody wants to put in the work to get better.

Excellent example.

You've really grown up liloj, I'm proud.
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Default Re: How to make it to the NBA

Originally Posted by koBEDABEST
young baller that lives in missauga, ontario(canada). im 17. grade 11. im on the senior team this year and will be next year.

wut r all the possible ways i can make it in the nba(college draft, tryouts etc.) i dont care if i enter at 19 or 25

You must be scouted by recruits at a young age. Usually by your high school games, you would be looked upon by several colleges, your goal would be to play for a Div 1 team. And from their you would have bust your butt off to get noticed by NBA coaches, or simply appear on college sport highlights
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