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Default 2000/Draft scouting report

First off this is #2k which seems kinda cool.

Bigboi thought I should do a mini scouting report for guys in the draft that could/would help us and who we might be able to get so I'm doing it. Anyway:

Guys I would like to get/would really help us(the top picks):

Kevin Durant: He's a franchise player for whoever gets him. He's definitely a top 2 pick. He's got insane range, a decent post game, he handles the ball like a guard, he has the height of a PF, he rebounds like a PF, he blocks shots like a PF, and he is one hell of a scorer. I wish I could watch more of his games but I've seen 3-4 and the stuff you see on sportscenter. Check up on his boxscores. He's either a SF or a PF, he should end up as a PF IMO but he needs to put on some muscle. Some people say he should go first over Oden, not sure about that but I'd definitely be happy if we got him. He's the type of player that makes tanking worth it.

Greg Oden: He's one of the few centers who will completely dominate a game. He's a good rebounder and a fantastic shotblocker. His numbers are kinda down, but he's playing with a torn wrist and he can only shoot FTs with his left hand. He's still learning how to play in the post but he has a few moves there. He's got a lot of athleticism for a 7 footer. He has some trouble defending the pick and roll though, also doesn't have a J(but then again that might be good, you want him dominating inside instead of shooting 15 footers). He's a legit 7 footer and he'll probably be a franchise player for the lucky team that gets him.

Brandan Wright: Not sure if he's the 3rd pick or the 4th pick but he is one of my favorite players in this draft class and I've seen a lot of him. He really reminds me of Amare Stoudemire. He's a good shotblocker and really athletic. He's left handed like Chris Bosh/Zach Randolph. He has a few post moves but is still learning there. Brandan Wright has a freakish wingspan and he's between 6'9'' and 6'10''(I've seen him listed at both on different sites). He's great in transition and he's a legit PF. He seems to be working on his ballhandling and jumper(I've seen him hit a J from 8-10 feet). He needs work on his rebounding but I think he'll get better at it.

The realistic guys:

Al Horford: I like his game a lot but I'm not sure who he reminds me of. He has some post moves and he has a decent mid range J. He's an intelligent player/good passer. Also a nice shotblocker. He actually reminds me a bit of a taller Elton Brand I guess. He'd fit the team pretty well.

Josh McRoberts: He's 6'10'', pretty athletic, and he's a good shotblocker. He averages around 4 assists a game as a big man which is pretty impressive. I've seen him compared to a less athletic Chris Webber which is always nice. I actually kind of like that comparison.

The guys I'd like to get with a mid-late first:

Acie Law: 6'3'' guard out of Texas A&M. I haven't been able to watch him to much but whenever I have I've ended up being pretty impressed. He seems to be a good passer, not sure about his D(it's seemed good though), he's a good shooter and a clutch player. Not sure how accurate this is but I kind of compare him to a poor man's Billups.

will add more here later.

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