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Default Anyone been a referee?

At a level above little kids. Start certification classes for basketball referee this week. Doing it for some extra money ($58 a game). Anybody done this at at least a high school level? I did it one time for a middle school game and shit was a lot tougher than I thought, but a lot of fun.
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Default Re: Anyone been a referee?

It's something you'll get better at the experience you have. Also the most important thing is to have confidence. If you don't, people will eat you alive.
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Default Re: Anyone been a referee?

I know someone that did it and still does it. I went to some of the games and it's pretty brutal the things I hear coaches and parents yell at her.

Let's just say it gets very intense at the high school level. Depending on school's, she reffed schools that were basically mini-division 1 schools and these were high schools.

They take them very seriously and try to call the game fairly and ignore coaches and parents.

Also, middle school is nothing. From middle school to high school is a big leap. Good luck in whatever you decide but remember what I said.
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Default Re: Anyone been a referee?

I wish you luck in your endeavor. I've played high school basketball, I've coached high school basketball, and I've been a fan of high school basketball but if there's one capacity I could never fulfill at that level, it'd be officiating.

For starters, I've officiated scrimmages and lower level contests before (I once had to officiate a middle school game I was coaching) but that was always very manageable to me because I knew mostly everyone else could recognize that it was a relatively informal and meaningless setting.

Something changes when high school roles around and games start to count. Parents are awful. Many coaches are a mess. And a significant amount of players always think you're personally trying to screw them over, believing their snide comments to you are actually helping their cause. I'm guessing if I reffed more than I do I'd get used to it, but I don't want to get used to it (hence my not reffing).

I do think some level of officiating should be compulsory for any coach or athlete preparing to participate in a high school program. I know that's unrealistic, but I think seeing and participating in a game from the viewpoint of an official would be a groundbreaking experience for many, and perhaps it could at least kind of help those folks understand how and why officials operate the way they do.

And you know something it seems most folks don't realize or don't want to realize? Every single contest, officials are trying to call a perfect game. The yelling, bickering, and arguing is almost never needed (unless an official is forgetting something and one is trying to help - like he somehow gave the ball to the wrong team out of timeout or something). Officials know when they've made a mistake and they hate it.

Anyway, that's the end of my diatribe. It's a healthy side job. I've known quite a few refs over the years and they love it.

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Default Re: Anyone been a referee?

I did some mid tier HS AAU when I was in college, and it was tough. A lot of it was because we were always shorthanded. Doing games alone is awfull. But it's an experience I'm gratefull I had. It was one more angle to see the game from.
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