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Default Melle Mel Speaks On 2Pac, Jay-Z, 50 Cent & His WWE Debut


As Melle Mel is on a promotional tour for his upcoming 16 cut lp Muscles, the pioneer also speaks on everything from the current state of hip hop, being amongst the first hip hop group inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, 2Pac, and joining the WWE roster, and many more.

Recently, on NY morning when Mel was asked about his top 5 Greatest, Mel named a few pioneers and then took it back saying he was basically the Greatest and filled all the top 1-5 slots and tooted his horn as to why he was top 1-5. Even as it was B.I.G.'s anniversary, it didn't stop Mel from being the show and continuing to claim that no one in hip hop could hold a candle to him in certain areas or even period and that he is truely the most decorated mc ever and has worked with true key industry players. On another NY morning radio show, Mel even went as far as to say he had more natural talent than 50 Cent and Jay-Z. ďEven though Iím 45, Iím still the best thing out there, Iím still the biggest thing out there, Iím still the most creative and that is what it shows.Ē

Surprisingly in another interview where Mel was asked about Cosby having a negative tone about 2Pac, Mel had a different tone. Only about 2 years, Mel seemed to be in the same position as Cosby as he briefly made headlines for criticizing 2Pac about having a negative impact on society with his Thug Life moto. "He was a very intelligent human being, and his body of work, to this day, will probably never be surpassed by anybody. He was a brilliant person, but he was was such a great actor, that is what captivated people the most. As far as Bill Cosby, heís a standup guy and a great human being in his own right. I think what it is, is he did what everybody else did. He didnít really listen to what Tupac was saying."

When asked about the current state of hip hop, Mel claimed that hip hop needed to grow up and that there was too much negativity in music. Mel even backed up what he said in recent interviews in another interview saying, "I feel it should be allowed to grow up. Hip Hop is in a position where they made it so juvenile and so street, you only have a one way image of what Hip Hop is." In another interview, Mel made another similar statement stating, "You have song after song, either they sell dope or theyíre thugs and itís just way too street; itís just representing one aspect of what life in the inner-city is about, which is not a true reflection of music or inner-city life and thatís why you have that problem."

The Grandmaster also spoke on being part of the first hip hop group inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame for pioneering early hip hop with their music and for the use of a mixer and two turntables. When asked about Jay-Z doing the honors, the pioneer said he would've preferred for someone that actually knew the group to induct them in but understood it was for business purposes. "I understand what is going on, they are using Jay-Z to authenticate Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, but Jay-Z canít authenticate Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five because we authenticated Jay-Z a long time ago." The hip hop legend even said he was tired of the old school rappers complaining about the new new generation of rappers not putting them on in what seemed to be a reference to Jaz-O, who has been openly verbal about his displeasure for Jay-Z for not lending him back the same hand that he lent him now that he is in need. According to Mel, the old school needs to stop looking for a helping hand and wanting validation.

The icon also openly conveyed on how their induction into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame may open doors to hip hop and acts that he may necessarily not approve of. He is convinced now that hip hop's foot is in the Rock and Roll HOF's door, that a rapper such as 50 Cent will find it easy to enter behind him based on the amount of records he has sold. "Today's music is more stagnant - they've been doing the same thing, saying the same thing, for years. It's not going anywhere. 50 Cent may be in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame one day, but he won't deserve it. All he did was just make records and the records made money. "He wasn't as influential as Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five, or RUN D.M.C. or KURTIS BLOW or PUBLIC ENEMY. These are the influential groups in hip-hop. That's the biggest movement and the bigger story about what hip-hop is."

Melle also addressed being bodyslammed and getting money with the WWE. Mel talks about having to be bodyslammed and letting us know ahead of time to not look for any flying spectacular moves from him. He claimed you didn't have to be the best wrestler. He pointed out that Hulk Hogan was about a 1 when it came to wrestling but a 10 in charisma. "I'm about an 8 in charisma", said Mel.

In summary Mel concluded everything by saying, "Where ever Hip Hop is, I try to get a foot in the door, just to reestablish whatís going on. I donít want to be on the outside looking in, so I want to always be part of what Hip Hop is all about. To all the people out there that believe in Hip Hop, I definitely need you to support the Melle Mel album and all my endeavors. Iím trying to put a grown and more mature face on Hip Hop. I know the people will be behind me, the people have been waiting for something like this to happen. With the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, the Melle Mel album and the WWE, we are gong to make this happen and it is going to be big."
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Default Re: Melle Mel Speaks On 2Pac, Jay-Z, 50 Cent & His WWE Debut

No arguments from me. He seems lke the kind of man who is more than willing to stand on his own two feet. He is not looking for a crutch so he can limp his way back into the hearts and minds of hiphop fans. Any man can respect a man like that.

When I hear people say this guy or that guy is to old to be rapping, I give a little smirk. Because what other genre has age limits. Hip hop is not some physical sport. Melle Mel is talking about bringing some maturity to the game. With so many 30+ year old adults that don't wnat to grow up, I am very interested to see that happen.
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Default Re: Melle Mel Speaks On 2Pac, Jay-Z, 50 Cent & His WWE Debut

Whois this dude? is he on smackdown or raw?
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