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Old 03-27-2007, 12:37 AM   #1
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Default Stick a fork in 'em, they are DONE!!!

Last nite was another pitiful display of coaching. The rotation was terrible and Morris never even took his warm up gear off. They deserve to not make it to the playoffs. Hoping they'll make it won't make it happen. That's kind of what I see in their eyes. That one of them is going to do what the other isn't willing to do. They do not play as a team. Redick was on point. No defense in their game either. It's been about two weeks now that they should have begun planning for the next season. Zeke should never coach a team again. What is Cato? A player? He never gets the call to out on the floor. James does. I loved his airball last nite. Shows EXACTLY why I hate him so much.

I compare Zeke to an incompetent carpenter. A belt full of tools but he uses a screw driver to hammer in a nail. The guy is a delusional idiot thinking that playing contracts and favorites will win him the game. James can make the money KG is making and it won't make him play like KG. He's just a has been from a "decent" playoff run with the Sonics. That's it. Zeke you suck.
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Default Re: Stick a fork in 'em, they are DONE!!!

I really think Isiah is either not getting through to the players or the players themselves are really dumb and have a low basketball IQ.

I cannot for the life of me figure out his rotations. He uses the oddest lineups, he's making Larry Brown look good.

Why doesn't he play Cato at all? If he sucks that bad why did you sign him?

The more you put Isiah's moves under a microscope the more questions you have instead of answers.

Please Isiah, hire Patrick Ewing as your head coach and go back into your office. Only shut off all the phones to the other teams so you can't make anymore stupid trades.

Just keep drafting and signing talented young players and put together a great coaching staff to teach these guys the right way to play basketball.

If you do that in a year or two we will be big winners. We just have too much talent to be this bad.
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Old 03-27-2007, 01:02 AM   #3
Don Che
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Default Re: Stick a fork in 'em, they are DONE!!!

Zeke is "OK" i wouldnt call him that bad.

He did bring this roster and draft these players.

This is the same roster the larry had and won 23 games. so he makes him look bad.

Remember Zeke is a young couch and he has to learn as well.

He has the right idea but the wrong way in getting there.

He needed a big man to revolve the team around...Curry,Frye,Morris,and Lee are on the team now.

He made the team more talented but just not smart.

We have a handful of players that need to go to be winners.

Not because of there talent or skill but there mindstate and Basketball IQ conhensiding with their age.
Trade List is...
Eddy Curry- Great talent but hes dumb as a nail and we can get a lot for him

Crawford- same goes for him and they are a package.

Francis- Cancer...enough said.

Nate- I love him, his style, his desire to compete but his inability to defend and pass at his size will always hinder him.

Jared Jeffries- Great effort but he doesnt have the heart or skill to play in NY.

Jerome James- Obvious reasons.

Im not sayin these guys suck but there styles and IQ will never bring a winning attitude to a team.

Frye is a lil soft sometimes but he has a winning attitude and work ethic. Like Lee, Mardy, Balkman, Quentin, Marbury.

These guys work hard and enjoy winning and are willin to work to get there.

If you release Francis you have 5 guys that u can get rid of.

James is a bum that no one listens to so him bein on the team and doin nothin doesnt hinder us.

We must trade the guys that PLAY.

Put the 4 guys on the block and see what u can get..Im sure a great package will come across.
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