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Default The Kim Mathers' Revelation


Eminem's ex wife, Kim Mathers spoke out on an NY morning radio interview speaking on details about her marriage with Eminem, where she also spoke about the rapper's personal issues, including her own, and more.

In the beginning of the interview, Ms. Kim Mathers spoke about the first divorce saying that Eminem's drug use, alcoholism, touring, and pretty much his career caused the first breakup due to lack of committment.

Kim also cleared up that during their second marriage that they were together for about 40 days or so and not the reported 90 days. She claimed Marshall just left her and the kids with notice that he was leaving for his other home to clear his head and didn't hear from him until a divorce attorney showed up at her doorstep.

When asked about the sex scene in 8 Mile about Eminem's girlfriend and his good friend in a compromising position in a studio, she said that she refuses to see the movie. She then went on to deny ever sleeping with any of Eminem's friends as the loosely based biography film depicted. She said that never happened in actuality and that part of the movie wasn't based on her and could've been fiction. Kim even said that Eminem actually never lived in a trailer like in the movie.

When asked if Eminem was using the media to manipulate getting the gag order on her, she replied, "I think it's just such a joke. I mean, how many songs, how many interviews has he done about me? I mean in most of his interviews to begin with, he's complaining about freedom of speech and how people wanna censor him and now I say, I do a couple of interviews, you know and he's crying like a little girl. I never not once went to a court trying to get him to not say nothing about me."

When asked to address about the silence order, Kim said it was basically a parental order that a judge issued to odd couples and not made specifically for them. She said she agreed to the agreement about not speaking bad about each other to the kids or near the kids when the kids are to spend time with either parent, but that Marshall has a big issue with the order and wants to appeal it.

She clearly confessed that she had a drug problem and has been clean for 3 years and stated that Eminem has demons of his own, but yet he always makes her out to be the bad guy while he pretends to be perfect in the relationship. Kim said Eminem has done things like put his hands on her, not come home, cheated on her, and even had his own drugs of choice.

When the topic of drugs arose, she explained and cleared up that she and her daughter Hailie wasn't in the "When I'm Gone Video" as had planned because Kim said Eminem was back on the same "problem pills" that he had priorly left rehab for. "I went upstairs in the bedroom to change clothes and his pants were up there and I just happened to go in the pockets and long behold, there was one of his problem pills, a pocket full of them, so we just left."

When asked if Proof's death had an effect on Em, she answered point blank that Eminem was completely gone physically and mentally before Proof's death. "I'm sure that was very overwhelming for him...But he was gone.. before that happened with Proof."

When Kim was questioned if she would ever take Eminem back for a third time, she answered that she'd never take Em back even if he was to change his life. "No, no, we don't work well together. It's not good for the kids....He's just not the same person that he was..Over the past year, he's just disconnected with family and reality really. I don't even talk to him."

Kim was then asked to address Eminem's closest influences, where she made it clear that no one can offer him advice because everyone Eminem is associated with are personally paid. "The people that he's got around him everyday here in the house that work for him, his security, you know close friends, they're all paid people, you know, they're just "yes" men."

She opened up about feeling completely disrespected when songs he made dissing her ended up on his records when beforehand Eminem promised it was only therapy for him to vent and would never see the light of day. She claims the result of his music bashing her, ended up in her receiving phonecalls, stares in public, and made it okay for strangers to disrespect her. Kim also cleared up that even with all of that, she never once made a dollar off his music when asked if she has sued due to his music.

Kim Mathers was then asked if she was going to write a book, but said she has only been contemplating about the offer and not too sure. She said, she was pretty well off, but claims Eminem threatened her that she'll loose everything if she ever writes a book.

Off topic conversation included Eminem being a racist, where she denied that he was a racist, but admitted that he used racial slurs every now and then when upset, but said it was due to where he was raised.

She also said if she could write a retaliation record back to Eminem, she would do so if she had the talent.

To hear the full interview yourself, click the link below:
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Default Re: The Kim Mathers' Revelation

I'd bet a buffalo nickel that David Mayes and/or Benzino wrote the script for her to read in that interview. Rubbish...
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