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Default Cho Seung-Hui's (VA Tech Shooter) wrote some plays...

Pretty ****ed up. Check it out. I can't post it because the plays themselves are scanned images and there's too many to post at once.
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Default Re: Cho Seung-Hui's (VA Tech Shooter) wrote some plays...

I have zero faith in that story. He would have been lucky to graduate high school english with that writing, much less be a senior at VT as an English Major.

Then again, however this news blog writer works for AOL and claims that he was a classmate of this guy's, and he distributed his copies of his play to everyone else (as one does in a creative writing class). I wouldn't doubt the validity.

Plus, you're not exactly schooled and tested on writing plays to get into college.

Also this guy WAS reported to administrators who tried to counsel him for mental problems. This guy had obvious problems. One of the few cases where I wouldn't have thought it would be wrong to stereotype this guy and get him into some type of mental counseling program.

Oh, and how be bought the gun:

(CNN) -- The student who killed 32 people and himself Monday at Virginia Tech paid $571 for a 9 mm Glock 19 pistol just over a month ago, the owner of Roanoke Firearms told CNN Tuesday.

John Markell said Cho Seung-Hui was very low-key when he purchased the gun and 50 rounds of ammunition with a credit card in an "unremarkable" purchase.

Cho presented three forms of identification and state police conducted an instant background check that probably took about a minute, the store owner said

So, if you're 23, and not have committed a felony (I'm trying to think about how many kids who are in college have committed felonies), have ID to prove you're from Virginia and not some freeloading DANGEROUS illegal, you can buy a gun. No need for a license.
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Default Re: Cho Seung-Hui's (VA Tech Shooter) wrote some plays...

this is from Time

The Making of a Mass Killer
Tuesday, Apr. 17, 2007 By JOHN CLOUD
Cho Seung-Hui

The man who murdered at least 30 people at Virginia Tech and wounded at least 14 others in the nation's worst shooting massacre was a 23-year-old South Korean named Cho Seung-Hui. Cho, an English major, had likely planned his attack for weeks and had written two bizarre plays in which boys accuse authority figures of graphic molestation.
Photo Essay: Night Falls on Va. Tech

This morning the Virginia Tech police chief, Wendell Flinchum, held out the possibility that a second shooter might have been involved. He said authorities could not definitively say that Cho killed a man and a woman in a dorm earlier Monday morning in addition to the 30 slaughtered in a classroom building called Norris Hall. But Cho's fingerprints were found on a gun used in both buildings.

Cho fatally shot himself — badly disfiguring his face — before police could engage him, but officials were able to identify him hours later from the fingerprints in his immigration documents, according to ABC News.
Related Articles

Cho was born in South Korea on Jan. 18, 1984, and arrived in Detroit when he was eight. A legal resident of the U.S. whose green card was last renewed in 2003, he mostly grew up outside Washington in Centreville, Va., where his family has a dry-cleaning business and lives in a two-story, cream-colored townhouse with two vegetable patches in the back. Cho graduated from Westfield High in nearby Chantilly in 2003; his sister graduated from Princeton in 2004.

A neighbor of the Chos, retired stockbroker Marshall Main, told Time six police cars pulled up to their house Monday night and spent 90 minutes inside. Main says he didn't see police remove anything.

An AOL employee who says he is a former classmate of Cho's provided AOL News with copies of two plays Cho wrote. They are achingly bad, the writings of a troubled young man; they suggest that Cho may have been sexually abused. In both plays, a schoolboy named John says he has been molested — in one case by his stepfather and, in a play Cho titled Mr. Brownstone, by the eponymous teacher. The John character in both plays repeatedly wishes his tormenter dead, although the molester in the play Richard McBeef kills John with his bare hands in the end.

Cho had recently developed an interest in firearms. According to a Roanoke, Va., news site, a police affidavit says Cho possessed Walther P22 and Glock 9 mm handguns — both expensive, accurate guns favored by gun enthusiasts and cops. One federal source told TIME it appears that as many as "a couple of hundred" rounds were fired during the rampage. Cho's extraordinary killing effectiveness suggests someone who was trained, or who trained himself, in "execution-style" killing, according to the federal source.

Cho legally purchased his first gun, the 9 mm, along with a box of 50 bullets about five weeks ago from a local gun shop, according to the Roanoke Times. The Walther was purchased just last week. Virginia law prohibits buying more than one handgun in a 30-day period. It appears Cho waited the full month before buying the Walther, suggesting he didn't just snap.

An affidavit state police filed to search Cho's dorm room (2121 Harper Hall) suggests Cho had been planning mayhem for some time. It says that a note containing a bomb threat was found near his body; the note is similar to two other bomb threats issued against engineering buildings at the school last week. Cho may have probed the campus emergency response with the previous notes.

The affidavit said he is believed to have possessed "multiple guns including but not limited to" the Walther and the Glock. Investigators are still looking for Cho's motives, but Cho left a discursive note in his dorm room that offered some explanations. The only full quote released so far is this cryptic line: "You caused me to do this. "But the note also assails "rich kids," "debauchery" and "deceitful charlatans" on campus.

Professor Carolyn Rude, chairwoman of the university's English department, told the AP that "there was some concern about him." She said his writing was disturbing enough that Cho had been referred to the university counseling service, but she said she didn't know what the outcome was.

During the shootings, students and university employees dodged bullets and huddled together. Tom Murphy, a 19-year-old freshman, was locked in a Robinson Hall classroom from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. He and the 11 students, some strangers, held hands and prayed on bended knee. Like many others, Murphy had a cell phone, but the lines were jammed, and he couldn't get through.

State Police said the victims in Norris Hall were found in four classrooms and a stairwell. Cho's corpse was found in one of those classrooms.

Today President Bush and the First Lady attended a convocation in memory of the lost that was remarkably lively. Those in attendance gave university president Charles Steger an extended round of applause; Steger has come under fire for the university's decision not to do more to warn students early Monday that two students had been killed. Bush kept his remarks brief: "They were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time," he said of the dead. with reporting by Elaine Shannon, Michael Duffy, Tracy Samantha Schmidt and Caitlin Sullivan/Blacksburg, Va. and Adam Zagorin/Centreville.
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Default Re: Cho Seung-Hui's (VA Tech Shooter) wrote some plays...

It's VERY easy to buy a gun in Virginia. Only real restriction is you can only buy one a month. NYC's Mayor has been trying to change gun laws in VA because he says most guns used in violent crimes in NY came from Virginia.

Also, the security guards and campus police at VT don't have guns which is beyond stupid.
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Default Re: Cho Seung-Hui's (VA Tech Shooter) wrote some plays...

Those are some messed up plays.

I dont understand the casino one. ITs ****ing stupid.

IT made me laugh.

MUTHA****A!!! MUTHA****A!!!! MUTHA****A!!!
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Default Re: Cho Seung-Hui's (VA Tech Shooter) wrote some plays...

Here are the gun laws in Virginia.
(copied from another site)
__________________________________________________ _____

Is there a one-handgun-per-month limit on gun sales? Yes

State law restricts gun-trafficking by limiting the number of handguns that can be purchased at one time. No more than one handgun may be purchased by a person within a 30-day period. This restriction on bulk-buying of handguns helps prevent gun traffickers from buying handguns at gun stores and reselling them on the street to criminals.

Return to the Menu

Are there limitations on assault weapons and magazines? No

No state restriction on the sale or possession of military-style semiautomatic assault weapons like the AK47 and Uzi. Assault weapons are as easy to buy as hunting rifles. No restriction on the sale or possession of rapid-fire ammunition magazines that can fire up to 100 bullets without reloading. Federal law does prevent the sale of some assault weapons and rapid-fire magazines manufactured after 1994, but the federal law will sunset in 2004 unless Congress and President Bush renew it.

Return to the Menu

May Attorney General regulate guns? No

Virgina: State law does not clearly authorize the Attorney General to independently regulate firearms or establish gun safety standards as part of the Attorney General�s responsibility to protect consumers.

Do state police perform a background check in addition to federal NICS check? Yes

Virginia: State law requires gun buyers to go through a state-based criminal background check in addition to the federal NICS check. This is the best system since it includes checking both state and federal records to prevent criminals and other prohibited people from buying guns. in 2000, 2,568 gun buyers failed the criminal background check and were stopped from buying guns.

Return to the Menu

Must handguns be ballistic fingerprinted prior to sale? No

No state requirement that gun dealers or manufacturers provide police with sample bullets/cartridges or digital images of bullets/cartridges prior to the sale of a handgun, �ballistic fingerprinting,� which would assist police in tracing bullets at crime scenes to the guns that fired them.

Return to the Menu

May police limit carrying concealed handguns? No

State law forces police chiefs and state sheriffs to give concealed carry permits (CCW) to anyone who can buy a handgun, allowing them to carry loaded, concealed handguns in public (known as �shall issue�). Police may not even require safety training in the legal or safe use of weapons for CCW applicants. State law allows residents of some other states to carry concealed weapons in this state without informing local police.

Return to the Menu

Are gun owners held accountable for leaving guns accessible to kids? Yes

State law holds gun owners responsible if they leave a gun easily accessible to a child under 14 years old and the child uses the gun to injure or threaten someone.

Return to the Menu

Must locking devices be sold with guns? No

No state requirement that guns be sold with child-safety locks that could prevent a tragic accident. Child-safety locks cost as little as $10 and could save lives if sold with firearms.

Return to the Menu

Do cities have authority to hold gun makers legally liable? No

State law forbids city and county governments from taking any legal action to hold gun manufacturers accountable, even when they act irresponsibly in the way they design, market or distribute weapons. No other industry enjoys such special immunity for irresponsible conduct.

Return to the Menu

Are background checks required at gun shows? No

No state requirement that a Brady criminal background check be done on people buying guns at gun shows if they are sold by "private" individuals or gun "collectors." Gun shows can operate on a "no questions asked, cash-and-carry" basis, making it easy for criminals and even juveniles to buy as many guns as they want at gun shows, including assault weapons. No records are required to be kept on gun show sales by private individuals or gun collectors, making it almost impossible for police to trace such weapons if they are used in a crime.

Return to the Menu

Are minors restricted from possessing guns? Partial

State law restricts juveniles under 18 from possessing handguns or assault weapons without parental permission or authorized supervision. But there are no restrictions on juveniles possessing other rifles or shotguns.

Return to the Menu

Is it illegal to sell guns to kids? Partial

State law restricts selling or giving handguns to juveniles under 18, and other firearms to juveniles under 12. There are no limits on selling or giving kids 12 or older rifles, shotguns or even assault weapons - without even parental permission.

Return to the Menu

Is a license/permit required to buy handguns? No

No state requirement that handgun buyers obtain a handgun license or undergo any type of safety training prior to buying a handgun.

Return to the Menu

May cities enact laws stronger than the state's? No

State law forbids local city or county governments from enacting any local gun laws, even though the state has failed to pass responsible state-wide laws. This preemption of local government authority makes it impossible for cities to enact sensible gun laws to make their citizens safer. Local laws enacted prior to 1987 were allowed to remain in force.

Return to the Menu

May police maintain gun sale records? Partial

Virginia: State law authorizes law enforcement to keep a record for up to 12 months, of every handgun sold in the state by licensed gun dealers in order to enforce the state's restriction on bulk buying of handguns (one-handgun-per-month law). But the state does not keep any records on the sale of rifles or shotguns or on the "private" sale of handguns by individuals. In addition, the governing body of any county may require sellers of handguns to submit detailed sales records to the county clerk. The handgun sale records are maintained by police for use in gun tracing and related criminal investigations and to verify compliance with the state's one handgun per month law. But the state does not automatically compare past gun sale records with recent criminal activity to identify and disarm felons and others who bought guns legally, but later committed a crime or otherwise became ineligible to keep possession of their firearms.

Return to the Menu

Are all guns registered with law enforcement? No

No state requirement that gun owners register their firearms. Police do not know how many guns are in the state or where they are. The lack of registration data makes it more difficult for police to trace guns used in crime, identify illegal gun traffickers or hold gun owners accountable for their weapons. There is no state system to automatically identify and disarm felons and other prohibited people who bought guns legally in the past, but later committed a crime or otherwise became ineligible to keep possession of their firearms.

Return to the Menu

Are there consumer safety standards on guns? No

No state requirement that handguns meet any basic safety standards. No requirement that guns be sold with a child-safety lock or a built-in �personalized� lock to prevent unauthorized use. No requirement that handguns have loaded-chamber indicators or magazine safety disconnects that could prevent unintentional shootings. The state Attorney General is not allowed to independently establish handgun safety standards.

Return to the Menu

Is safety training required for handgun buyers? No

No state requirement that handgun buyers receive any safety training at all. No requirement that handgun buyers demonstrate any familiarity with gun laws or knowledge about safe handling/safe storage of handguns.

Return to the Menu

Are there limitations on 'junk' handguns? No

No state restriction on the sale of Saturday night specials or "junk" handguns. No requirement that handguns meet any safety tests such as a drop-safety test or a firing-performance test. No restriction on the sale of snub-nosed handguns that are very small and easy to conceal.

Return to the Menu

Is it illegal for CCW permit holders to carry guns into schools? Yes
Virginia - state law generally prohibits carrying concealed handguns into schools, even if the gun owner has a CCW permit.

Return to the Menu

Are background checks required on 'private' gun sales? No

No state requirement that criminal background checks be done on people buying firearms at gun shows, swap meets or through newspaper or internet advertisements. Criminal background checks are only required if the buyer goes to a federally-licensed gun store - all other sales are not subject to the background check.

Is there a waiting period on gun sales? No

No state requirement that there be a waiting period for gun sales beyond the "instant check" in federal law. Police are not given any additional time to run a criminal background check to make sure the gun buyer is not prohibited from acquiring firearms. There is no "cooling off" period to help prevent crimes of passion.
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Default Re: Cho Seung-Hui's (VA Tech Shooter) wrote some plays...


this kid can't write for ****. if he's indicative at all of the quality of Tech's writing program I am transferring in a hurry. perhaps the people he killed were making fun of his writing. in that case I'd be dead as a doorknob by now.
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Default Re: Cho Seung-Hui's (VA Tech Shooter) wrote some plays...

"You MURDERED my father and covered it up! You committed a conspiracy. Just like what the government has done to John Lennon and Marilyn Monroe."

how does this **** even qualify as a play? its like 5 minutes long.

"While the other guys were packing on muscles, you were packing on McDonald's fat, chowing down on three Big Mac's in three minutes. You want me to call you dad? Okay. Hey DAD, you are a *******!"

"Uh! After a long ravishing day at school, we just want to be left alone."

"Just leave the **** us alone, motha****er!"

no but seriously, Mr. Brownstone, what an assholle.
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Default Re: Cho Seung-Hui's (VA Tech Shooter) wrote some plays...

You know, many universities seem to cut slack in academic abilities (for admitting students in) in order to boost their number of minority students... I think this could be the case here, judging by his writing. It's not like it's even terrible gramatically, its the things said that are really stupid.
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