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Old 04-18-2007, 08:18 AM   #1
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Arrow Report Card For Management

Let's start with James Dolan. To me all I can say is what I see. The first word that comes to mind is clueless. He has no idea what he is doing. I really doubt that he knows anything about sports, especially an inner city game like basketball. He doesn't know or care about the history of this franchise and seems to be overly sensitive to criticism to the point of being paranoid. He has done some very questionable things concerning operational decisions. Both from a media aspect and the team itself. In other words he an incompetent nabob who seems like a sheltered little boy who never grew up.

Now it's Zeke's turn. Gee, were do I start? As for talent evaluating he is well above average and has a great eye for players who have skills and can see their potential. So to me he is a super scout.

As a GM he spent a lot of money and made this franchise into a laughing stock in the NBA. I'm sure Stern is not happy about what Isiah has done. He seems not to think things out and goes for the big score and the quick fix. Hey, doesn't work. But a lot of those same people are not laughing now considering what he has done with Curry and the drafting of some really good young talent, not to mention the Morris signing.

As a coach he is not a good court manager. He has crazy rotations. His players looked confused and hesitant to the point of being afraid to make a mistake. Yet he seems to coddle players sometimes. He played guys that he should have just sent home. Why did he even bother playing James for 5 minutes a game as a starter. That logic was beyond my comprehension and everything he tried did not work. Because they were just not very good basketball decisions. They were not logical and seemed odd or strange. He could not get a lot of his players to play hard, there was no drive to win games. Why did he play James over Cato? Why did he play James over Morris at the end of the season when everything looked hopeless, find out what the guy can do and give him a taste. When did he never even run a play for Frye, I mean never!!! This team looked lost out there so many times. How many games did he let get away without calling a timeout. How many defensive lapses, how many games did we get blown out at the beginning.

Why have we had so many injuries?

There have been some bright spots but so many strange goings on that I can't understand the logic behind.

I really do not see us winning until we have a real coach and either Zeke steps down or learns from his mistakes as a GM.

He is not a good coach, he's below average.

He has to get rid of Francis and James any way he can. He has to eat next season and not worry about playoffs. He has to do one thing and that is to keep teaching and developing the young talent but most of all get rid of anybody who does not mind losing. You need players that hate losing. It's a mentality that has to be developed along with their on the court skills.

There was an article in the Post a few days back and Malik Rose said the same thing. There are too many guys around who don't care about winning.
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Default Re: Report Card For Management

I agree, Isiah isn't a real coach but he has a good eye for the draft and scouting. Dolan is just clueless, correct.

We're a laughing stock right now but that will change.

Future Looks Bright.
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Default Re: Report Card For Management

I think that we need a new coach. Maybe Rick Adelman? Zeke has done a great job in assembling talent on this team. It just hasn't gelled yet. We need a good coach that can get that to happen, and he seems to be the best available to do that. Remember what he did in Sacramento a few years ago? I'd like to see what he can do in NY...
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Old 04-18-2007, 11:59 AM   #4
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Default Re: Report Card For Management

Thomas - D+/C- Thomas has done a very good job in the draft which makes it even more difficult that we gave away more draft picks then we needed to in the Curry trade. His signings have been terrible. Jared Jeffries for $30 million was a waste of money so he needs to take a hit for that. His drafting has been excellent, but everything else included trades and off season signing have been failures which is why he gets a D+
As far as his coaching, Curry has developed and the team did want to play hard for him, so he gets credit for that. But I think his in game coaching is very poor and overall he is a mediocre coach at best. His rotations were all over the place and I think he does not really enhance the stengths of certain players(Frye for example). Thomas has always been a mediocre coach in my opinion even when he was with the Pacers he never really brought anything to the table. Plus Thomas has never seemed to admit that he makes any mistakes which for whatever reason bothers me. I like to hear every once in a while that a coach made the wrong substitution or called the wrong play or made the wrong move. I think Thomas believes he has never done anything wrong which hurts him.
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Old 04-18-2007, 12:36 PM   #5
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Default Re: Report Card For Management

I made a thread similar to this a couple threads down. I agree 100 percent also.
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Old 04-22-2007, 12:04 AM   #6
Don Che
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Default Re: Report Card For Management

Coach- C
Scout- A+

The rotation of the players were crazy cuz the players were inconsistent. By the end he did find out who are the hard working players are like Mardy and Lee.

Frye didnt get plays for him cuz he didnt rebound, block shots and missed the shots he DID take. And im not blamin Frye or Zeke. Look at the starting 5 and the rotation...its built to go to Eddy or go straight to guard play.

We ALL know that Crawford, Francis, Marbury, Nate, and Q to put the ball down for a shooting PF that never makes his game as versitile as it should be.

Either 2 things

1.Trade Frye and others like Crawford, Nate, Jeffries for a shot blocking forward thats mobile to play along side Curry and Lee.
2. Keep him and trade for a 2 that shoots lights out and is willing to give up the ball so he can excel.


Last 2 YEARS(since hes been on the team) the knicks have went on 2 winning streaks 6 games last year and 3 games this year..We won by playin team ball and team defense.
Guess what!?!? Lee was playin the 3 the whole time.
We say he can't defend athletic All- Star 3'S but there all stars cuz they cant be guarded. And the team AS A WHOLE PLAYS BETTER DEFENSE.

So i dunno maybe im crazy. next year ppl will get hurt and i promise Lee will play the 3 and we will win God knows how many games in a row.
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