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Default Can we learn a thing or two from the Warriors?

Let's see, I think we can.

1. Get talent. Seriously. That team has tons more talent than we do.
The Lakers have been avoiding talent for years now. All we get are people that fit the offense, show some character and things like that.
We've just passed on way too many talented players.It happens all the time.
It needs to stop now. If it's talent that can help you..risk it. Get it.
The Lakers are one of the least talented teams in the west and it's pathetic.
Every year, talent gets thrown around the league. Guys like J.R Smith, Marc Jackson, Steven Hunter etc...quality role players. They can be had. Lakers do nothing. We've been passing on those type of players for years now.
Not anymore.
Just do it. Talent is talent.
That GS team has players that aren't even in the rotation and perhaps they'd start on the Lakers.
All of their rotation players would start IMO.
The bottom line is, go after talent. Imagine if we had Barbosa or Monta Ellis with J.R Smith right now.
Instead there isn't much you can say about the offensive talent of our players and I don't even want to talk about defense.

2. Penatration. And please ignore my avatar. We need penetrators.
I know we run a different offense but how many people we have that can break down the defense? 1 guy. Kobe.
And even he doesn't do it consistantly but he settles for jumpers.
A guy like Monta Ellis would do wonders for the Lakers. Sure, his game would be somewhat limited but the rules have changed.
Triangle isn't a slow offense opposed to the contrary belief. It's not.
I want 2 players added that can split the defense in half.
It would open up so much room for Kobe to operate and we'd get so many more open buckets. Get offensive talent.

3. There was a 3 but I can't remember it now...

Eh anyway, we're in different situations because we run a halfcourt offense and we need to win now so we can't really develop talent but that doesn't mean that a quality proven talent can't be had for cheap.
It always can.
There are unhappy players around the league. There are available FA's.
Don't pass on talent anymore. Just don't.

Even though our offense is different, some of the things that Warriors do are obviously very effective.
Dayum, if we could somehow get Bibby and Artest from the Kings. Like for Odom, Walton (s&t) and Farmar/Turiaf. If not JO/Tinsley or something. Bottom line, we have options.

Seriously, our players aren't sacred. They lack talent.

The only talented productive player besides Kobe is Odom. Other guys are more or less projects, rejects and speciality type of players.

I'm sick of the Lakers having to rely on tactics and Kobe every time.

Talent wins games. That's the #1 thing. After you get talent, start thinking about chemistry and whatever it takes to win the championsip.
Right now we lack both talent, talent that fits and balance.

This GS team can teach us a few things.

How easy it can look when you have athletic talented offensive players. Yet we have Brian Cooks.

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