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Default The New America Under G. Bush

Neo-cons wrote the Plan for a New American Century ( PNAC ) in 1997. This plan involved a huge military expansion, incursion into foriegn countries to re-inforce our oil resources and american policies, and to vastly increase domestic government involvement ( control ). The document says that the american people will never allow these things unless there was another PEARL HARBOR like EVENT to instill anger and fear into the populace. Well, as soon as GW got appointed by the supreme court, we had the event, now with the patriot acts,and his signing papers, we americans are subjected to wire taps, spying, unending incarceration without rights of an attorney or even charged. Martial law police state has been all put in place. Last week Bush signed the final document that allows him total absolute dictator authority merely by his declaration. His definition of crisis is all that he needs to take total rule, just like Hitler did. The sheeples are in for some ugly changes before 2008 is over. The troops are not coming home, but will be attacking Iran soon. Bush didn't build a community size embassy and nine new bases in Iraq just to leave them. He and corporate pigs are in it for the millions and billions they are making off taxpayers and american blood. Treason will be the charge if the truth of the Bush Crime Syndicate ever reaches the people. Between now and 2009 will be more of the same, but probably worse as Bush needs another 911 to scare the sheeple and to declare his martial law. Homeland security is not what you think, there is no true threat, except from our own government. Thanks ABC for finally telling some truth about governments evil side.
the time is ripe for the next major part of the Global plan. Americans need to be knocked down a peg in order to become a part of the new world order. Americans also have to believe that their govt. is out to "get them" (which most Govt. are) in order to accept the loss of nation sovereignty. Think about it. How else would the elite get the U.S. people to accept foreign troops on American soil? Simply show the people that their govt. is out of control and make them feel helpless and BAM! We'll all be begging for the U.N. or some other global force (E.U.) to "save" us from the nasties in charge....and the only price will be our freedom. Problem, reaction, solution = One World Dictatorship. Do some research

Now ABC needs to follow through (but they won't) and show the overwealming evedence that G.W. Bush inc.was responsible for the 911 attack on innocent americans, as well as the multitude of lies that this administration is quilty of telling the american public.Not to mention the so-called "patriot act" that has completely erased all our God given rights by usurpation of the united States Constitution,(which,by the way, they "swore" to uphold and defend againsdt ALL enemies,foriegn and domestic)the entire administration, including John Ascroft , needs to be imprisoned for these crimes afgainst the good people of the united States as well as the rest of the world!!The entire congess needs to be "fired" and constitutionally minded people from the several states need to be elected,sent to washington to unravel the traps this congess has set for the american people before the next "charade" of an attack is ochestarated against us!Ron Paul for president in '08.
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