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Default Bully for Wii

girlfriend got the Wii couple months back we played a lot when she first got it but the wii play games got old quick, fun but too simple, mario galaxy was one of the great console experiences i've had and i've pretty much outgrown console gaming. if you're reading this on a wii tip, i cannot strongly enough recommend mario galaxy, unbelievable.

rented BULLY, it's pretty great, i didn't play a lot of grand theft auto but i think it's a similar engine but with Wii technology and a slightly more PG-13 storyline, pretty massive story/plot (played a decent amount over the last week and i'm 15% done) that's linked together by little missions, you're a new kid at this prep school and you do all sorts of crazy sh*t like protect nerds from bullies, jocks, and greasers (lots of fist fights which are fun and can be kind of a workout), get girls to kiss you, vandalize, do pranks, get odd jobs, go to class (classes are fun)... probably fairly standard missions/mini-games but the wii tech is fun, there's plenty to do, it's smart and not super easy or overly complicated, orginal story line, you can also just mill around and stuff kids in lockers, start food fights, put kick me signs on people, break into lockers, throw stink bombs, itching powder, fire crackers, skateboard, bike into town (there's a bunch of vehicles i haven't unlocked) use a slingshot (great mission early in the game is sitting in a tree overlooking the football field just unloading on the jocks with your sling shot)... anyways it has my recommendation, definitely fun and unique. i haven't played the multiplayer version yet, just kicking out the story mode which i'm sure is the meat of the game.
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