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Default New Mock Draft

1. Chicago-Derrick Rose-Replaces Hinrich and fills the seats as a hometown guy. Alternate pick: Beasley

2. Miami-Michael Beasley-A great big man to help take the scoring load off Wade. Alternate pick: Bayless

3. Minnesota-Brook Lopez-A need pick, but even if he is a bust, Jefferson needs help inside. Alternate pick: Bayless

4. Seattle-Jerryd Bayless-Not a traditional point, but can play the point and be a #2 scorer for Durant. Alternate pick: Mayo

5. Memphis-O.J. Mayo-Not their biggest need, but no big men are expected to go this high. Alternate pick: Love

6. New York-Danilo Gallinari-A perfect player for D'Antoni's system. Alternate pick: Gordon

7. L.A. Clippers-Eric Gordon-Need help at guard badly, and Gordon is the last of the best 4 guards available. Alternate pick: Westbrook

8. Milwaukee-Darrell Arthur-Not a need pick, but this team needs players and Arthur is the best available. Alternate pick: Randolph

9. Charlotte-Kevin Love-This team loves big name college players, and Love will help spread the offense. Alternate pick: Randolph

10. New Jersey-JaVale McGee-Have some good young bigs, but possible trades of Carter and Jefferson make this a tough pick. Alternate pick: Koufus

11. Indiana-Russell Westbrook-Lots of good, young frontcourt players even with possible trade of O'Neal so a guard makes sense. Alternate pick: Augustin

12. Sacramento-Anthony Randolph-Need help at the point, but Randolph is too much to pass up this late. Alternate pick: Augustin

13. Portland-Nicolas Batum-Team is so full of young guys they can make a pick for down the road and Batum fits a need at SF. Alternate pick: Alexander

14. Golden State-DeAndre Jordan-Patrick O'Bryant is probably gone this offseason, so they can forget that bust and hope this works out better. Alternate pick: Alexander

15. Phoenix-Joe Alexander-Diaw and Hill are not long-term solutions at SF and Alexander would fit in well with the current team. Alternate pick: Speights

16. Philadelphia-Chase Budinger-Not a big need pick, but they struck gold once with an Arizona swingman. Alternate pick: Speights

17. Toronto-Victor Claver-Need help at SF and they seem to have settled on picking international guys. Alternate pick: Ibaka

18. Washington-Marreese Speights-Jamison is a FA so this may become a need pick. Alternate pick: Greene

19. Cleveland-Chris Douglas-Roberts-All they need is an upgrade from Wally, Hughes, and Pavlovic

20. Denver-D.J. Augustin-Way too undersized to play with AI, but trades may change the makeup of this team. Alternate pick: Greene

21. New Jersey-Donte Greene-After the McGee pick, they are in full rebuild mode with young, raw athletes. Alternate pick: Rush

22. Orlando-Roy Hibbert-This team wants to win now, and they could use a big man off the bench. Alternate pick: Lopez

23. Utah-Kosta Koufos-A steal after his fall, but they love big shooters and he could be Okur's replacement. Alternate pick: Jefferson

24. Seattle-Brandon Rush-With Bayless, they add two of the best shooters in the draft to join one of the worst shooting teams. Alternate pick: Lopez

25. Houston-Robin Lopez-Yao may never play 75 games a year, and there are no swingmen that would step in and help right away. Alternate pick: Weaver

26. San Antonio-Serge Ibaka-They love taking picks for down the line, and Ibaka is a potential rotation big. Alternate pick: Weems

27. New Orleans-Bill Walker-A huge talent at this point, and MoPete and Bonzi are not long term SG answers. Alternate pick: Ajinca

28. Memphis-JJ Hickson-They need help inside after the Gasol trade and Hickson could be a future starter. Alternate pick: White

29. Detroit-Davon Jefferson-They have done well getting young backups with Stuckey, Maxiell, Johnson, and Afflalo, and Jefferson is a good fit. Alternate pick: Thompson

30. Boston-Mario Chalmers-Need a C, but Chalmers is an improvement as a backup shooter. Alternate pick: Ajinca

31. Minnesota-Ty Lawson-Need some help at point, and while undersized Lawson can push the tempo for this young team.

32. Seattle-Jason Thompson-After upgrading their backcourt in the 1st round, they decide to grab a big man in the 2nd round.

33. Portland-Alexis Ajinca-Don't need another young player, but Ajinca could develop into something useful.

34. Minnesota-Richard Hendrix-They have Gomes and Smith, but Hendrix is a value pick at this point.

35. L.A. Clippers-Ryan Anderson-Take a local guy to help build up their rotation.

36. Portland-Rodrigue Beaubois-Got Sergio Rodriguez a couple years ago, but Beaubois could be a steal.

37. Milwaukee-Kyle Weaver-Good defensive guard to backup Williams and Redd.

38. Charlotte-Ante Tomic-You can't go wrong with a 7-1 guy with 1st round potential at this point.

39. Chicago-Joey Dorsey-Bring in Dorsey to help Rose's transition to the NBA.

40. New Jersey-Wayne Ellington-Need another shooter, and Vince could be gone.

41. Indiana-Courtney Lee-Indiana guy that could be solid off the bench for them.

42. Sacramento-Lester Hudson-Good backup for Martin and could become their 6th man.

43. Seattle-John Riek-Grabbing a 7-2 shotblocker at this point isn't a bad idea.

44. Golden State-Will Daniels-Barnes, Croshere, and Pietrus could all be gone, so a backup SF won't hurt.

45. Sacramento-Luc Richard Mbah a Moute-Just another raw player to help build around.

46. Utah-Shan Foster-Grab one of the best shooters this late is never a bad thing.

47. San Antonio-Sonny Weems-Thought about taking him the 1st round, and quickly grab him this late.

48. Washington-DeVon Hardin-They like athletic big men and Hardin fits that role perfectly.

49. Phoenix-Trent Plaisted-Pretty talented C for a pick this late.

50. Seattle-Semih Erden-Grab their 3rd player over 6-10 in the 2nd round in hopes of finding a steal.

51. Dallas-Richard Roby-Potential backup, a solid set of skills, good athlete, and a good value pick this late.

52. Miami-Brian Roberts-They need help at PG and Roberts is a mature player that can step in and play if needed.

53. Utah-Nikola Pekovic-Lots of upside for a pick this late.

54. Houston-Malik Hairston-Don't need another undersized guard, and Hairston is a solid 6-6.

55. Portland-Nathan Jawai-Just another big man to possibly bring in a couple years from now.

56. Seattle-Keith Brumbaugh-Lottery potential this late is unheard of, another great pick for Seattle.

57. San Antonio-Joe Ingles-Bowen, Finley, and Horry are getting older, and a guy like Ingles could be brought in down the line to help replace them.

58. L.A. Lakers-DeMarcus Nelson-You know Phil Jackson would be happy to bring in a Coach K guy.

59. Detroit-D.J. White-A huge fall for him, but he lands in a great spot and will be a rotation player from day 1.

60. Boston-J.R. Giddens-Another surprise pick the Celtics, but Giddens has huge upside for this pick.

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Default Re: New Mock Draft

I like Robin Lopez at #25. I just don't think he'll be on the board then. We definitely a big man that can step in when Yao goes down. Let's face it, it's a matter of when and not if Yao gets injured for at least 15 games per season. We need to prepared.

I'd like to see a young big and a veteran big added. That's in addition to Deke coming back because he plays less and less each year.
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Default Re: New Mock Draft

Pekovic, Tomic and Ajinca will be picked earlier...
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Default Re: New Mock Draft


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Default Re: New Mock Draft

Yeah McGee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If this was real I would be so happy!
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Default Re: New Mock Draft

Pretty damn good mock, but I don't see any way DJ White could fall almost completely out of the draft. I think he could be a late first rounder once the workouts/camps are done.
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Default Re: New Mock Draft

White is tough, and I almost had Memphis taking him in the 1st round. But I think the 2nd round is just really a crapshoot. If you are in the 2nd round, then you could be the 2nd pick of the 2nd round, or the 2nd to last pick of the 2nd round. I agree that White should go a lot longer, but I just didn't see a team that I thought he would be a great fit on.

Jamal, I agree that all of those guys could go higher, and I almost had them going sooner. Also a lot of guys will pull out of the draft and with that they will move up as well. I also think it will take them coming over and working out for teams to move up a lot. Of course teams have seen them all, but right now international players are not the "hot" picks. Ten years ago, all of those guys are in the top 20. Now they are second rounders.

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Default Re: New Mock Draft

bulls, pacers, pistons, blazers and lakers have have the best draft

best value's in your draft are ajinca & c lee- pacers draft a backcourt that will play together for 10-12 years-

i will cry if the nuggets take dj augustine- i am hoping he goes before 20- i would rather chalmers, hudson or even lee if we try to go pg(or a foreigner)

i actually like demarcus nelson as a laker a lot at the end of rd 2-

mcgee seems really early at 10, but you might have nailed it- kiki love building his team with bigs that can run- that is requirment 1 for him- im remembering this prediction even if you change it later

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Default Re: New Mock Draft

1. Chicago-Derrick Rose-I think it is becoming obvious that they want him, and he wants to go to Miami

2. Miami-Michael Beasley-Not much thinking involved in this pick

3. Minnesota-O.J. Mayo-Lopez seems to have fallen off a bit, and Mayo should be a bigger star than anyone in their deep backcourt

4. Seattle-Jerryd Bayless-Need a PG and Bayless will be hitting his stride when Durant and Green are ready to take this team to a playoff run

5. Memphis-Kevin Love-With Mayo off the board, it seems like they like Love

6. New York-Danilo Gallinari-Great fit, and D'Antoni gets a great player to build around

7. L.A. Clippers-Eric Gordon-They need a guard and Gordon has the talent to be a steal here

8. Milwaukee-Brook Lopez-After a major tumble, the Bucks take the best player available even if it isn't their biggest need

9. Charlotte-Darrell Arthur-Almost get their dream pick in Lopez, but Arthur should provide some inside scoring to go with Okafor's defense

10. New Jersey-Anthony Randolph-This team is building for 3 years down the road, and Randolph is a great player for that building process

11. Indiana-D.J. Augustin-Tinsley will not be along for much longer, and while Augustin may be a reach, he fits them well

12. Sacramento-Russell Westbrook-Not the traditional PG they would hope for, but next to Martin and Artest this could be a well balanced team going forward

13. Portland-Joe Alexander-The perfect fit for this team as they look to make the playoffs next season

14. Golden State-Kosta Koufus-Can spread the floor to open up the court for Davis, Ellis, and Jackson

15. Phoenix-Donte Greene-This team doesn't even have a coach, but with no one that will have a major impact this season available, they look towards a future without Hill and Diaw, and to try to replace Marion

16. Philadelphia-DeAndre Jordan-At this point for a team that loves to run and is still so young and looking towards the future, they can't pass him up

17. Toronto-Nicolas Batum-They need a swingman and they like to get Europeans who don't mind living in Canada

18. Washington-JaVale McGee-This team may need to make some changes in the near future, and drafting an young, athletic center may help transition away from the current roster

19. Cleveland-Chase Budinger-They need to find a good 2nd option for LeBron and Budinger is athletic enough to help make some plays for LeBron

20. Denver-Mareese Speights-They need to look towards life after Camby and Martin, and Speights would team with Nene for a solid looking duo down the road

21. New Jersey-Brandon Rush-As they build for the future, having a dead-eye shooter will be needed next to Harris

22. Orlando-Ty Lawson-They need a PG to help them out and Lawson is the best available

23. Utah-Roy Hibbert-They need some more inside size to play with the Gasol's, Bynum's, Yao's, and Duncan's in the playoffs in the near future

24. Seattle-Serge Ibaka-Wilcox is doing well enough right now, but in 3 years Ibaka could be a beast

25. Houston-Victor Claver-Not what most fans would hope for, but a 6-20 SF with a huge amount of potential may look like a smart pick in a few years

26. San Antonio-Chris Douglas-Roberts-They need youth badly and CDR could step in and play whenever Pop feels comfortable with him, plus they still have a shooter if Barry/Finley/Bowen/Horry decide to move on

27. New Orleans-Robin Lopez-A swingman makes more sense, but this late Lopez is a steal and you can never have too much size

28. Memphis-D.J. White-Love and White are both versitile players that will help enhance Gay's game

29. Detroit-Jason Thompson-McDyess and Wallace are not getting younger and an athletic PF/C next to Maxiell is a decent frontcourt base

30. Boston-Alexis Ajinca-Nobody left really helps them win right now, but unlike American players, Ajinca can stay in Europe for a couple years until he is ready to step in and play

31. Minnesota-Ante Tomic-Passing on Lopez, they need to look for size

32. Seattle-Bill Walker-Bayless, Walker, and Ibaka could be a nice trio around Durant and Green

33. Portland-Mario Chalmers-A steal after he falls out of the 1st round

34. Minnesota-Richard Hendrix-A tough player inside who will help out Jefferson a lot right from the start

35. L.A. Clippers-Lester Hudson-May not be the starting point next to Gordon, but will help their backcourt scoring

36. Portland-Joey Dorsey-Adding Oden, Alexander, Chalmers, and Dorsey to their roster could give them enough depth to make a legit run at the 2nd round

37. Milwaukee-Rodrigue Beaubois-Give him a run for the future PG spot with Sessions

38. Charlotte-JJ Hickson-Not really what they are looking for, but is from NC State and gives them another young athlete in the frontcourt

39. Chicago-Courtney Lee-With Gordon possibly on the way out, Lee solidifies their backcourt

40. New Jersey-Nikola Pekovic-Gives them another athletic frontcourt player to go with Randolph, Diop, Krstic, Boone, and Williams

41. Indiana-Wayne Ellington-This team shoots a ton of 3's and Ellington gives them another option

42. Sacramento-Ryan Anderson-This team needs some more frontcourt scoring options off the bench

43. Seattle-DeVon Hardin-Another big they can give a shot to be a part of the future

44. Golden State-Will Daniels-Have some key reserves at SF potentially leaving via FA

45. Sacramento-Trent Plaisted-Have Miller now, and Hawes for the future, but Plaisted is really athletic and has some potential to be a nice backup

46. Utah-Sonny Weems-Not a need, but a solid player that Sloan would like

47. San Antonio-Davon Jefferson-A surprise pick, but this team needs to take a chance if they hope to replace the vets that have led them to so much success, Jefferson is a 1st round talent they get late in the 2nd round

48. Washington-Richard Roby-An average shooting team that could use more depth on the wing to join Young and Mason

49. Phoenix-Kyle Weaver-Good defender who can gaurd the Paul's and Williams' in the playoffs

50. Seattle-John Riek-Why not just grab a 7'2" prospect with so many 2nd round picks

51. Dallas-Malik Hairston-Stack and Jones may not have much time left so this pick makes sense

52. Miami-Brian Roberts-Missed out on Rose, but they get to add a gamer at the point late

53. Utah-Othello Hunter-Another solid senior to match up Hibbert and Weems deep off the bench

54. Houston-Nathan Jawai-Yao will not stay healthy most years and Jawai could play right away in a limited role

55. Portland-Semih Erden-Can you get too many atheletic centers at this point in the draft?

56. Seattle-Shan Foster-Despite picking up Bayless and Walker, Fosters' shooting may be a good assest dealp down the road

57. San Antonio-Luc Richard Mbah a Moute-A third NCAA player picked for the first time in forever by SA

58. L.A. Lakers-DeMarcus Nelson-Solid backup to Fisher, Kobe, and Farmar

59. Detroit-James Gist-Not much to say about this pick, but Gist is athletic and talented

60. Boston-Darnell Jackson-They have done well with Kansas guys in Pierce and Rondo
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Default Re: New Mock Draft

Rondo went to Kentucky not Kansas
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Default Re: New Mock Draft

Kind of iffy on some of it. Chicago not taking a big man?

Rose, Hinrich, Hughes, Thabo, Curry, Gordon (RFA), Duhon (FA), Brown (FA). Then another guard? Not likely at ALL. The best case is you want a 2 starters, 2 backups, and possibly a combo guard to round it out.

Jackson...not likely he falls to 60.

No Sasha Kaun? Really? He has the skills to be a backup center for 10 years easy, possibly a starter for a scrub team, or a guard heavy team.

I don't see Bill Walker falling to 2nd round, no way Boston passes up on a young guy who has proven himself and has even higher potential. He was a lotto pick last year - Boston isn't that dumb.

If Chalmers isn't gaurnteed a first round pick, he is going back to school more than likely since 2nd rounders don't automatically get a contract.
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Default Re: New Mock Draft

My bad about Rondo, I was trying to so hard make a connection there.

Hinrich is reported to be on the trading block and Gordon has been involved in trade talks in the past. They have gone after KG and Kobe so you know they are willing to package multiple players which could quickly clear out their backcourt. Breaking it down in your 2, 2, 1 format, you have Rose/Gordon, Hughes/Thabo, Lee. Duhon and Brown are not resigned. I don't know who Curry is off the top of my head. If Gordon gets traded, then Hughes steps in, but I don't think he is a long term answer so Thabo would be the guy I would rather see next to Rose. And to explain myself further, this team has Thomas and Noah who aren't scorers. This team needs scoring big men and Ryan Anderson is really the only scorer who could play PF and he is more of a combo-forward. I just didn't like the way any big man fit.

Jackson might not get drafted at all, so I don't think it is a stretch he goes at 60. Neither Insidehoops,, or DraftExpress have him being drafted. You should be thanking me for giving him his due. I think he is a great fit for the Celtics.

Kaun is on the 2nd round bubble. Kaun has the potential to be a backup for 10 years, but so don't Aleks Maric, Chris Daniels, David Padgett, and Brian Butch and I don't have them being picked either. Kaun is right on the cusp of being drafted, but I just didn't have him being picked.

I agree with Chalmers, but I included everyone that is in the draft. He is right on the 1st round bubble, and I think if I did this again, I would try to find him a spot in the 1st round, but I just didn't love him anywhere.

As for the Celtics pick, Ajinca has just as much potential as Walker, but as I said, Ajinca can play overseas for another couple years so that they can save some cap room as they continue to try to win a championship. I also think Walker is a much better fit for the Sonics, so in the end even though he isn't a 1st round pick, he is in a better spot for him.

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Default Re: New Mock Draft

Sorry, but you might as well change your "Mock Draft" because Hibbert will go WAY WAY before 23rd. The GM's are not fooled and I was not either. Georgetown and the College game was the blame for Hibbert's non performance. Not one guard on that team averaged more than 2.7 assist per game. There is a bias against really big men in the college game, as there is very little backing down, something that happens in the pros frequently. Now with no flopping, it will occur more often. Hibbert is made for the Pro game, not the college game. Those phantom fouls against Hibbert in the Davidson game was a joke. Remember what he did to Oden, and now he is a better offensive player. A 7'2" center that can score. He is going early. Why haven't we heard anything about him this summer. GM's are trying to hide their intentions.
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Default Re: New Mock Draft

Originally Posted by jtfacts
Sorry, but you might as well change your "Mock Draft" because Hibbert will go WAY WAY before 23rd. The GM's are not fooled and I was not either. Georgetown and the College game was the blame for Hibbert's non performance. Not one guard on that team averaged more than 2.7 assist per game. There is a bias against really big men in the college game, as there is very little backing down, something that happens in the pros frequently. Now with no flopping, it will occur more often. Hibbert is made for the Pro game, not the college game. Those phantom fouls against Hibbert in the Davidson game was a joke. Remember what he did to Oden, and now he is a better offensive player. A 7'2" center that can score. He is going early. Why haven't we heard anything about him this summer. GM's are trying to hide their intentions.
no they're not. he'll go in the 20's because he's a 7'2" guy that can't rebound for **** and will be the slowest player in the nba next year
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McCants is Available!!
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Default Re: New Mock Draft

So Jamont Gordon goes undrafted?
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