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Default With all of this Reinsdorf-bashing, don't forget the 'supposed' GM

It's been a long time since I've seen a coaching situation this screwed up. Probably back to when ND hired Willingham after O'Leary lied on his resume.

To me this 'search' is more about Paxson than Reinsdorf. He says that he wants a long, thorough 'process' but this is now the 3rd time that a coach has been reported to be the Bulls new coach (Carlisle, D'Antoni, Collins) and not one of them is.

So why isn't this search being done more quietly and in a less embarassing manner? Because the guy in charge has no control of the situation, just like the meltdown that happened after he stupidly interim'd Boylan.

The guy says one thing and something completely different happens. Paxson looks more and more like a fool everytime he opens his mouth in public. And Reinsdorf treating him like a child, overseeing every single thing that he has done throughout the search isn't helping matters either.

If Paxson has any pride he would resign immediately. His image would still be restored (Reinsdorf will take the heat) and some other team (like Memphis) might actually hire him to be the GM of their team. Because it's pretty obvious to me that if Reinsdorf didn't like Paxson as much as he does he would fire him.
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Default Re: With all of this Reinsdorf-bashing, don't forget the 'supposed' GM

Remember something DAK. No matter the mistakes Paxson had made as GM, this past season was the 1st season of true disappointment for the Bulls. My point is that Paxson is the GM who got the Bulls out of the cellar and into the playoffs. He's made a mess of things somewhat in the last year, but it's not all him. About equal blame has to go the players and coaches. This team quit on their coach and he quit on them. When that happens there is almost nothing a GM can do. He offered BG and Deng more than enough money and they turned it down, which led to far below average seasons linking to being worried about individual stats to make more money which obvioulsy kills a team when you are the two leading scorers. Paxson deserves to stick around for ATLEAST this upcoming season, to see if he can draft the right player, make a rather important trade, hire a coach, and see if he can get this team in the right direction. Remember a year ago when the Bulls were sweeping the Heat and playing the Pistons tough we all thought Pax had done a good to great job with the Bulls. I personally can't let one year of everything in the world going wrong for a team sway me to think the GM is solely responsible. Pax is a Chicago Bull straight in the heart and I think he deserves a chance to clean up the mess like he did when he came in and took the job. We'll see, i know Paxson wants more than anything for the Bulls franchise to be successful so i am rooting for him to prove everyone wrong he can put together a winner. Danny Ainge was going to be fired last summer and he makes two big trades and now his team is in the finals and he is exec of the year. Don't sleep on Pax, he has a few tricks up his sleeve left for sure.
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Default Re: With all of this Reinsdorf-bashing, don't forget the 'supposed' GM

The only mistakes Pax has made, IMO, is the trades of JR Smith and Chandler. He got almost nothing in return. It seemed he rushed those deals. #1, they had a terrible year last year, #2, they need a new coach, #3, they just won the number one pick: I think they are in slow motion because they realize the importance of the coach they select, even more so now with the first pick. The cavaliers have Brown who swings from Lebron's balls every time he talks about him and the Hawks have Woodson. I'm hoping we get someone better than that and I'm sure Pax will come through. This is an important selection. Go Bulls!
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