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Default bj mullens top 3? get real

i can understand how difficult it could be to put together mock drafts a year in advance, but i dont understand what could get into these nbadraftnet or whoevers mind on some of the horses they choose to ride

the saddest part is that these lists train peoples minds into believing that those are the players they say will be there

a year ago the top 3 center in the draft was kosta koufos, and he came in and had a very productive and succesful freshman season leading to his being drafted in the mid 20's- but should he have EVER been considered top 3? no

koufos vs. mullins?? koufos was much much more ready to contribute as a freshman than mullins will be, more skilled, more assertive, and more physically ready- mullins WILL NOT be a one and done lottery pick, much less top 2-3

im not here to hate on bj mullins, just cant figure why players like him are so overvalued- why not be realistic? if these guys putting the mock drafts together knew what they were doing they wouldnt have to move their boards all over the place (maybe they need to to keep intrest in their web sites?)

another exampe- pattick patterson a lottery lock? is that really where 6-7 6-8 power forewards without perimiter skills fit into the draft? is patterson even comparable to hadsborough?

i also understand why some people think so highly of the incoming freshman, because to them those players value's can only go down by being exposed

fariq-aminu top 5-10 pick? he will be a complementary player on his own wake forest team- do me a favor and watch for yourself and you will see a wake forest team built around a prototype nba small foreward (who ignores) james johnson as well as another solid nba prospect in combo gaurd jeff teague- fariq aminu and the 2 7-0 freshman signings could be huge, but this isnt carmelo anthony coming in, its a skinny combo foreward who will not be asked to carry the team

basically, because so many of the fans around take these mock drafts so serious that they owe it to us to get real- work a little harder and be a little more realistic and you will be more accurate-

there are a handful of posters on this site that do a far more realistic and better job than the "professional internet scouts"- & then guess what they dont have to flip their boards upside down every other day

i believe these sites really believe they make a difference and are part of the system to sort these guys out- if anything they are just part of the system that convinces people like deandre jordon and fans who were all over him that he was a lottery pick future nba star-
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Default Re: bj mullens top 3? get real

Doesn't matter every prospect is now expected to be a great NBA player, just by the rankings. Beasley was only ranked 20 something last year for ESPN... I don't think Derrick Rose was in the top 3 either for ESPN last year.
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Default Re: bj mullens top 3? get real

It is really hard to rank freshman now because we don't get the same amount of scouting reports because the guys won't be in the NBA next season. I will admit from what I have seen that I like Thabeet more than Mullens, but other than that I can't really comment on how high or low he will go. I do, however, see a guy with a huge amount of upside if he can fill out and play hard. Just because of size I think he is going to be looked at in the top 10. For some reason Koufus just never got that much attention, and I think that is a big part of the reason he fell so low. I think the same thing is going on with AJ Oligvy who is better than people give him credit for.

I do, however, agree on Patterson and Aminu. Patterson had a great freshman season, and I think could end up being an All-American, but as far as the NBA goes I don't see a guy who is a better prospect than JJ Hickson, DJ White, or Richard Hendrix. Not that those guys aren't and can't be good NBA players, but people don't expect lottery pick production out of them. And again, I can't say much about Aminu, but I really don't see a guy that is going to be great. I would not be at all surprised to see in the teens, but I can't imagine he would be as good as even James Johnson or Chase Budinger.
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