DeShawn Stevenson talks injuries, Gilbert Arenas and more

Here’s what Washington Wizards shooting guard DeShawn Stevenson said to local media today:

DeShawn Stevenson on tomorrow’s game: “I’m going to try to play. I haven’t missed a game, but my ankle is really hurting right now. I got treatment today and it actually didn’t swell up. I’m going to try to play tomorrow but we will have to wait and see.”

Stevenson on injuries: “It seems like whenever we get our whole team back, someone else gets hurt. Antawn (Jamison) got hurt. I got hurt. It is difficult, every time you get your team back something else happens.”

Stevenson on Antawn’s injury: “It would be tough to play without Antawn because he has been our leader all year. He has been the veteran that has played every game. He has been awesome this year. He was an All-Star this year, so I want to see him be able to play all 82 games.”

Stevenson on Gilbert Arenas: “It was wonderful to see him back out there and knocking down his first shots. He had a smile on his face. Yesterday he was really focused so I knew he was coming back.”

Stevenson on Gilbert’s return: “Everybody expects that from him. You just overlook it. For some teams that would probably be a distraction but we just overlook it. When Gil comes on the court he is ready to play so I think that is why nobody really pays attention to it.”

Stevenson on his birthday party: “The party was great. Everybody came. We had a good time dressing up.”

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