Remove Isiah this summer

Now that the Knicks have named Donnie Walsh president of basketball operations, after the season the team needs to relieve Isiah Thomas of his head coaching responsibility. Clean house. Separate the old from the new.

Ironically, here’s a fun idea that won’t happen: Bring Larry Brown in to coach the team. But not the current team. Bring him in after a bunch of key guys have been traded — assuming deals get made, that is. Anyway, it’s safe to say Brown will never be involved with the Knicks again unless the team has new owners someday, and that doesn’t appear likely anytime soon.

I like the idea of bringing Mark Jackson in as a member of the coaching staff, but he should get assistant coaching experience before being given a head coaching job.

Whatever happens, Isiah just has to go. There was no evidence of a good coaching job done this season. None. The team barely seemed to run any plays, and what few players looked decent last season all seemed to regress. I say scrap the entire coaching staff and bring in an entirely new crew.

How about an experienced, veteran head coach, experienced assistants, and then Patrick Ewing and Mark Jackson rounding out the staff?

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