Lakers and Spurs yet again

The Washington Post (Michael Lee) reports: “It’s getting old,” Tony Parker said about the Spurs facing the Los Angeles Lakers in the playoffs for the sixth time since 1999. Then Parker paused, cracked a sly grin and said: “Nah, it never gets old. It’s always great to play the Lakers. Kobe [Bryant] is at his best. They have a great team. Back to the rivalry; it’s going to be great.” If anything has gotten old, it’s the Spurs, who have had to hear about their age this season more times than Republican presidential candidate John McCain. “People always talk about us being old,” said Spurs reserve Robert Horry, 37. “They classify you as being old because you don’t dunk anymore or don’t slash as fast as you used to slash, but we’re still going. Our game plan is usually pretty good.”

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